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    The boat thread - an even shorter road to financial ruin?

    My late father was a yacht broker and lived for a long time in Cowes. His business brokered all over the South coast and also was an agent for Cranchi, Falcon and Princess. He also managed a couple of really well known ex-racing boats such as the Bear of Britain. He always used to tell me that...
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    Grecale New & Images

    That's a bit harsh MLC. We've had a few SUV types as family cars, they do a job well and can be decent enough. We've currently got a Macan, which is both good looking IMHO and good to drive. The driving position and size inspire confidence and work well in all weather. I've also got a 5 series...
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    2017 Ghibli - benzina

    Looks like the car is Grigio, not Grigio Maratea. I had a Grigio one, it's slightly lighter than the Maratea version. I really liked the one i had. You can easily add an exhaust mod and it sounds very good, as well as map it if it's out of warranty. Brakes are brembo and so there are quite a...
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    Scotch Bonnet 500 Tour

    Make sure you pencil in stops at the Kylesku Inn and the Kylesku Bridge on the way back round, and The Torridon Hotel, which was featured on the World's Best Hotels recently. If you want somewhere else to try, head to the Cluanie Inn which sits between the Five Sisters which are 5 munroes which...
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    Goodwood Revival

    Love the Revival, aim to be there again next year. My dream is a 250GT Berlinetta SWB and it's the best place to see 10 of them at once!
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    Scotch Bonnet 500 Tour

    Whatever you do, don't miss Applecross. The road there is incredible. And you must go to Durness for the beaches. And the Skoo Caves. The roads are not that bad, it's a lot of fun. Schools are back so the camper van count will have dropped.
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    Formula 1 Qualifying F1

    The sprint race seems to be a failure, although it's an interesting idea. You had Bottas with nothing to lose as he's at the back tomorrow - looks like Merc picked the wrong track to change engine, Max, he knows he's got pole so there's no point risking his 2 points and messing up the race...
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    Cheap sports cars for 2021 | Six of the Best for under £20k

    What a lot of utter nonsense in the comments from people scared of the BMW Z4M. I had one for years, and my buddy Matt had his for over 10 years. Thay are fabulous cars. Might be cabrio owners as the steering and spring rates are different to compensate for chopping the roof off, it's also why...
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    Porsche for under 20k

    I've owned over 20 Porsches, a good 996 c4s is a great car and more exciting than a Cayman, although not as good a car for sure. Otherwise, i wouldn't go near any 20k or less 911. On the 928 and 968 mentioned by others, 20k also isn't enough now to get a good one. I had a 968 sport which I...
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    Porsche for under 20k

    You're a little short for a really good 911 unless you go for a 996, non-widebody car. A couple more grand will get you into a 996 carrera 4S which is worth pushing for. Make sure it's manual and the PSE - Porsche Sports Exhaust, which is turned on by a wee button to the right of the stereo...
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    Two Seat Stradale

    It's the look of the cage that I like. We could make some from toilet rolls and spray them silver. Tony Hart style.
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    Two Seat Stradale

    oh, you're a great influence as usual! :) I took my Strad on track as well, it was great, but you have to admit it's not lightweight!
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    Two Seat Stradale

    @Zep that looks like the twin to yours. I was told there are two pastello cars with yellow calipers only. It was for sale by Nareman 3 or 4 years ago. How about calling the ones with the roll cage car and offering £5k for the cage and harnesses and you swap the parts? Might be worth a try.
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    Formula 1 Qualifying F1

    Told you Albon was going to Williams. So now Russell doesn't have a seat......:)