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    GS Spider

    I got excited when I read “mig”. That really would have been something...
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    Pistonheads brave pill - QP

    Typical Pistonheads though, choosing possible the worst example on sale. PH really has gone to the wall recently, it’s rubbish now.
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    Harry's Garage Silverstone auction GS in sale.

    Because my 5 series has been dented twice at the school but people that can’t park for ****...
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    Harry's Garage Silverstone auction GS in sale.

    It’s been proven previously that these kind of circumstances are the best time to buy provided you can afford to keep hold while the market adjusts. When the credit crunch happened in 2008, there was an issue with gfv on pcp deals being too high and so many cars where handed back at end of term...
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    Yeh, whatever. I came here because I was looking for S&M and mistyped. I remain unsure if this was a good thing or not. :)
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    Harry's Garage Silverstone auction GS in sale.

    That’s a bit harsh Philip. It is, after all, a v12 660bhp 6.3l largely bespoke, estate car that you can use if you don’t mind that the fuel tank buggers up the boot space a bit.
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    You have dementia.......

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    Harry's Garage Silverstone auction GS in sale.

    Not yet although i have resolved to keep it and use it more. F it, they are going down so might as well enjoy it. There is a big price difference in post 2014 cars as they had a host of updates under the skin and the dealers know this so those cars are quite a lot more valuable. It’s also...
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    Alfieri update

    Self limited as they might not sell that many! But, if it's closer to 100 than 200, it sounds like an exciting alternative to 911, r8, AMG GTS etc.
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    Alfieri update

    That’s just an artist’s render so will probably be quite different. To be fair, I’ve been harping on about them launching a Halo car for years, sounds like they are actually doing it. I look forward to full Corsa versions running at Le Mans!
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    Em, you know eye tests are free on the NHS?
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    Alfieri update

    Maserati Keyser Soze. The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled, was convincing the world he didn't exist.
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    3D Number plates

    Wait, you have mates? :)
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    3D Number plates

    3d gel numbers and letters are fully legal provided they are in the correct font and in black etc. All spacing, display of BS marks and reflective backgrounds also must comply. I see no reason why a camera couldn't read them provided they comply with the legal areas. I know there used to be a...