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    Wanted facelift grandturismo mc shift

    Congrats ! If you want to see your car with spacers and lowering springs check mine out !
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    Granturismo S - MCShift

    Gorgeous colour combo
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    Coupe to GS project

    Been so busy haven’t been able to take pics but it’s complete ! Even had to have the instrument cluster replaced so went with a GS one.
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    Interior change

    Love it ! Did similar to my GT but with carbon - I just couldn’t live with the silver, looks so cheap and ruins the interior.
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    whats the most you have bargained off the sticker price of a second hand car??

    Not even joking - £48,500 off sticker on a brand new MC20. PM for details.
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    Gransport Speedo not working

    Sorry meant whole cluster. My speedo was sticking though. So if I was accelerating to 60, it would read as 20 then suddenly jump to 60 and same when decelerating. Never showed the true speed.
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    Gransport Speedo not working

    I just came out of a similar situation with my 4200. Had to get the whole speedo replaced. But it could be anything :(
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    FS: LHD 2011 Porsche Cayman 2.9

    Hi all I have a 2011 (60 Plate) Porsche Cayman (LHD) for sale. The car is based in Manchester. It was imported from Kuwait with the idea of it being a fun car for me to use when visiting home, however, I ended up sending over my Granturismo Sport which is due within the next couple of weeks...
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    I wouldn’t sell if you’re still thinking and if it won’t affect you financially. You’re going to regret it and want another one the moment you come across one and won’t find one as clean as yours. Think about it… when you saw your old one the first thing that came into your mind was buying it back…
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    Wanted: Gransport leather headliner

    My wife hated going in my GS with the leather headliner because it reminded her of her uni days taking the 142 down Wilmslow road from how much it creaked - still looked beautiful though!
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    Leads on GS steering?

    Having only done 800 miles in 2 years in my 2005 Coupe I’ve decided I’m going to give my Granturismo Sport a break and use the Coupe as a DD for the next 12 months. Ive fully converted the exterior with the GS body kit and wheels and the missing piece I believe is the GS steering wheel. The...
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    How to remove gear knob

    Just pull it up ! It’s pretty simple. I did it yesterday.
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    GS Gearbox mapping/upgrades

    That’s what I mean though - you are a rare breed and unless new solutions are brought forward / refresher training is given to the new generation we could end up with situations where we have cars needing new clutches/ reprogramming etc. and either having clutches that are not set up correctly...
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    GS Gearbox mapping/upgrades

    So basically no one knows how to service / properly maintain these clutches including Maserati :p
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    Jayemm on the Gransport

    Are these Larini?