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    Attention all guitarists

    I neither got around to learning an instrument, but I made sure I got my kids had a go at it; not for a career just so that they have had the experience. They played the violin for a while, their choice, I was hoping they would pick the guitar. My son also used an iPad app for a while and he...
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    45-55% relative humidity, needs to be almost well sealed for that as safrane wrote. Edit: never pull the plug on these and try to not let them stop abruptly. Always power off so machine can run and let the desiccant wheel dry/cool down.
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    Wife's Cooling Foot Spa.

    Reminds me of my trip last year, wife got foot wash in every right handed curve. Was a semi blocked cabin air filter box in my case. The fusebox got a bit damp and the info center suffered a few blackouts but no noticeable long term effects. When cleaning it up, the carpets did smell of coolant...
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    I’ve bought a cheap Maserati

    The AC drain - seems to the first job for all new 4200 owners. It should have been mine, but I only got the AC re-gassed the day before a trip to the continent and then found out about the blocked drain when the fan housing dumped out water on every fast right handed curve. Check the sound...
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    Maserati 4.7 V8 in a Mini Moke!!!!!

    this was one of the reasons for me pick the hybrid 4200 from Rockits last year...sound just right for the occasional drive to feel five years old again..
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    Maserati 4.7 V8 in a Mini Moke!!!!!

    or yet another version.....closer to far as the car goes...
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    4200 rear seats

    Can almost answer that one. Last summer mine (early teens) were OK in the back for a week long trip to the continent in the back of my 4200. When they were smaller they fit into the back seats of a Porsche 928 with booster seats, and that one is more cramped than the 4200.
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    Garage Dehumidifiers

    No consumables in a Maeco. Also, don't turn them off from the socket - only from the off button; the desiccant wheel needs to cool down first, otherwise the thermal fuse blows. If your garage is fairly dust free check/clean filter at the back once a week, dust can get sucked into the pores of...
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    Garage Dehumidifiers

    I use this one for shed and garage, I get about 2-3 years use till they break. These will work if garage gets cold, compressor type (at least the cheap ones) can freeze up in winter: Should be...
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    GS noise - what’s closest to a F360 / F430 sounding exhaust

    Not going to get the flatplane sound, but going x-pipe and no back boxes does make it "noticeable". Here the link to a sound file (the 4200/GS Hybrid Sound File one) in a post from Rockits (made before I got the car from him).
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    Aircon Leak? 2006 4200

    Does it drip a lot more on fast right hand curves? :) Do taste test and if clear water (plus carpet dirt) try this one:
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    Summer Road Trip

    Great road trip, much better than my quick hop over to Germany and back. I used to live in Andalusia, would love a long road trip all the way South.
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    The 4200/GS Hybrid rides again

    I got going on drying out the car, getting out the pollen filter, and removing and cleaning the little black tube. As expected, water in the pollen filter airbox, but not a lot debris in there, also nothing in the black tube. Blockage was higher, closer to the drain. The outlet and tube bend...
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    The 4200/GS Hybrid rides again

    It does, and gets better with higher revs. Should do, as it is just the cats, steep X, and the rest is all straight out.
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    The 4200/GS Hybrid rides again

    Thanks for that will get one on standby