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    Manual top opening???

    Best to Google "continuity test".
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    Manual top opening???

    The micro switches appear to be iffy - test with a meter and maybe have to replace them.
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    Maseratis - Spotted

    Stradale Centennial near Hoddesdon. Grigio Pietra, cf bonnet, etc. Bright sunshine but still think the paint looks like wallpaper paste.
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    Spyder fuel filler pipe replacement

    Ah, when you put it that way. First thought is to very much err on the side of caution and trailer the car to your preferred indi. specialist. I asked about vapour as the fuel pumps are known to develop cracks. Access to the top of these is fairly straight forward from the roof compartment...
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    Spyder fuel filler pipe replacement

    Hi, what has lead you to conclude there is a leak in the fuel filler pipe? Smell of petrol vapour in the cabin after filling perhaps?
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    Clearer picture NIT QPV

    Found on ML - post #18. Post #15 maybe of interest too.
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    SM Apple CarPlay / Android Auto

    Just wait - you'll be inundated with importation requests now :smile: I believe SM membership requirements are such that no reasonable request can be refused. Is that right?
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    Main dealer service history - is it important?

    :) Clue's in the name: 10:40 -> 11:40
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    Spider windows inoperative??

    Are the windows up? I don't know, but I'd guess, if the windows won't drop then the roof mechanism is unlikely to activate. Which leads me to think maybe the window micro-switch issue would be worth investigating. It's well documented, but, to reiterate, I don't know if this would cause the...
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    Custom Exhaust Fabrication 4200 CC

    Did the erstwhile Mr C. Waterman, of distant shores, not gut primary cats some time ago? I'm sure there's a vid on YT.
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    Brexit Deal

    One letter from disaster :whistle:
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    4200 Spyder in the workshop - and on the road.

    Of the wife or the Spyder? How about the wife in the car. :smile: Welcome RT - Azzurro is a fab. colour.
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    Brooklands Italian show

    Try a Whammy burger instead.
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    Holiday let in Italy- any advice?

    Universal advise applying to most women! Oh, you mean Americans - my mistake :smile:
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    4200 Rear Silencer Removal

    You're welcome. Threads are easy to miss - at least you searched first.