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    3200 throttle body - lock down project.

    FWIW I have recently fitted a new TB and there are no idle problems. So we may assume the strange drifting of the idle up & down is due to prolonged useage ? I also have a rebuilt TB from XeMODeX in Canada which idles perfectly. It seems to me there are some subtle differences of which we are...
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    Latest Covid project to tinker with.

    Some years ago a private tour of MG B's travelled from Beijing,China to Abingdon overland. An opportunity arose to visit the MG factory in China & have the cars serviced. The occasion became humourous when the drivers realised that noone at the factory had any idea what a grease nipple is...
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    3200 throttle body - lock down project.

    Glad to hear my suspicions have been proved correct. The Volvo variant of the MM unit always seemed like the answer to our Maserati TB problems. On ya Davy !
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    What shape will the car industry be in after all this?

    "and the expertise is free" May I remind you of one of the rules of the Universe,to wit, Free advice is only worth what you paid for it. Amen ?
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    Oil at sub $15 pb

    Gasoline retail prices in the colonies have hit record lows. Yesterday 91 RON ULP at A$0.85.6,98RON at A$1.03. Local refinery running at 50% capacity & only operational staff working. They have run out of storage for Jet A1 & working some of it into diesel fuel. The remainder is being exported...
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    The history of piggy-back chips is not a happy one. I think the enthusiasm for the dream of easy power from a little chunk of ceramic chip is over and the disillusionment has kicked in.
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    Engine Oil

    I'm really disappointed.................where are all the oil deniers & pedlars of urban myths ? I was looking forward to a bit of good old raping & pillaging,smiting of mine enemies. B*gger !
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    Engine Oil

    Well,here goes,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,the black oily blood bath. The SAE number relates to the viscosity at a standard temperature and,as you say,is selected with reference to the bearing loads in an engine which may,or may not,be a consequence of close tolerances. Just think cam shafts. A quick &...
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    Made in China

    Oh bloody ****,the world's not the same anymore. Stop the world,I want to get off.
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    Made in China

    After three weeks of shortages in the local supermarkets stocks have almost returned to normal levels except for one basic item..............flour. Still none available at the big markets. Went to one of the small independents and they had flour,but only in 12.5 kilogram bags AND made in...
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    Would you buy one of these ?

    A good,succint article about the MC12 spruiking the advent of the MC20,
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    Engine Oil

    When you consider that the 3200 engine was designed over 30 years ago when the quality of oils was a mere shadow of those now available,any oil is now good enough. This engine does not run hot so synthetic oils are a waste of money. The Maserati manual specifies an SAE 60 oil presumably to cut...
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    Blackmail Email from Scammer

    This one page article explains most of what you want to know, I have had only one serious hacking attempt to steal funds from internet bank account. They sent the popular blue...
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    Trying to buy a 3200 GT

    You should get the SD2 software available on this forum to remove that check engine light. The software works well & it's simple to use. I had an unusual problem with my year 2000 car. A professional mechanic used a wifi diagnostic tool to check errors when the car needed a new clutch & had a...
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    Made in China

    I own a race car so I'm getting alloy welding done at a road tanker repair depot fairly often. The manager was showing me the electric drills they buy for about 16 squids,made in China and last about a year,then they are dumped. He reckons it's the cheapest alternative to the way I operate with...