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    2019 weight loss and fitness accountability club

    Afew years back, I weighed 91kg, and felt rubbish. I ate and drank what I wanted, like I was 20. Decided enough was enough, and started swimming, and just eating healthy, watching what I was eating, and cutting out beer/ales. Looking at the information on food packets, etc. Was swimming 4 times...
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    4200 Facelift Reverse Lever Assembly

    Strange one, but could you not get one done through rapid prototype/ additive manufactured? Would be cheaper than buying a replacement surely
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    Pic of the year 2018

    I have a few, but this is one of my favourites
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    V-RS or 325D

    Been discussing it, and I think that the BMW is out the equation. Im going to be looking at getting my own house next year now im single, and im not sure another car that I will want to love and cherish is a good idea, and the BMW will be more expensive to run, tax and insure. Just rediscovered...
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    V-RS or 325D

    Iv known him for about 15 years, and he always looks after his cars
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    V-RS or 325D

    Here is the rest of the ad
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    V-RS or 325D

    A picture from FB.
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    V-RS or 325D

    It will be a daily. The BMW im considering is pretty decent spec, and has had alot done to it to makesure its reliable. Its a manual, split tail gate, M sport kit, and its been remapped to 250bhp and 400lb/ft. My thoughts are, that i know the guy selling the BMW, and id rather spend 5k with a...
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    V-RS or 325D

    A friend of mine is selling his rather nice 325D manual, which has been tweaked to 250bhp. Its a lovely car, and he has done a lot to it to make it reliable and decent. He wants 5k for it, its done 145k miles. I have also seen some Octavia V-RS wagons for sale at a similar price. Wondering what...
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    Pic of the day

    Yes indeed
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    Pic of the day

    Thats the reason iv been so quiet on the forum.....
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    Pic of the day

    Thought id share a photo I took on my of my recent trips
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    When a Ferrari is not a Ferrari

    So much want for one of these, just yes
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    Art: Engine sketch 4200

    If possible,can I have a copy please?
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    WANTED - 4200 flappy paddles.

    Il have them off your hands, and swap you for the standard paddles as part of the deal. Drop me a message