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    Oil leak

    DL Swindon haven't stopped servicing Maserati. They just can't do warrantee work
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    Wedding Supercars - A Chauffeur Driven Service.

    Done. Good luck Phil Robin
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    15years and then it’s leccy only!

    Looks like I'll be using the Traction Engine a bit more then. Interesting down Stanway Hill. Antway the GT will fall into the same category.
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    Tyres (don't shoot me)

    Winter driving was always tense in Pzeros, in fact any temperature below about 8 degrees C. The PS4s have transformed the GT
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    Just bought a Grancabrio

    Although Dick Locett Swindon have lost their Maserati dealership they are still equipped and keen to look after Maserati. They just can't do warranted work on cars under 3 years old. Spoke with Charles on Monday and as helpful as ever. They usually discount for their valued customers bringing...
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    Granturismo Stradale I.C.E. head unit fault.

    Standard pre recorded CD album or something created with ripped files? Mine doesn't like certain 'modern ' formats. OK with mp3 I think The nav discs if pukka load fine
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    Contact from HQ

    Ditto. I was able to not accept those changes on the website however
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    Contact from HQ

    Excellent point Crud. They may well be doing so working through their ownership records.
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    Contact from HQ

    Just had a call from Maserati HQ this morning. Thought it was a scam at first, but had details sufficient to reassure me. Wished to ensure that I still had the GT, that I was happy with her and what aspect made me have her. Looks puckka, and checked on the Maserati website the responses that I...
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    The watch thread.

    I'm surprised that no one has mentioned Zenith
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    Yet another set of rear tires

    I converted to Michelin ps4's. My bum no longer clenches in temperatures below 10 degrees. While driving that is.
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    Quattroporte/QP 2009 Bose NIT Silverbox: Suspected HDD Failure

    It can still be solved by image copy to a fresh compatible disc and swapping over. Or image copy to your original disc. My troublesome NIT after many disc swaps was eventually diagnosed as a corrupted sector of the nav database. A clean copy solved it. Contact Phil or happy to chat you through...
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    Flat screen TV advice

    Recent Sony. Wired and wireless network catch up etc. Image quality far more balanced than synthetic Samsung. Needs a Sony soundbar/woofer as the sound quality is rubbish without
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    Alfieri update

    Pretty colour
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    Water in the boot

    Mine is a GT and think similar