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    Which tires should I buy for my 4200?

    I've the vredestein ultrac vorti on mine. No complaints on performance but they do have a very square wide wall, so a full tyre, not as nice looking as a michelin side wall.
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    I3 on wet grass

    Fortunately they don't weigh a lot to push!
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    Another new MC20

    Defo rust. Worth just taking to a nut and bolt supplier and replacing with stainless steel. If that is to bright, and it's only retaining trim pieces, anodised aluminium. The biker boys use these. You shouldn't have too of course!
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    Range Rover advice

    CSK :) Had the opportunity to buy the only Overfinch converted CSK ever converted, with full 5lt chevy V8, manual, suspension and steering mods. Was my mates late father who had it virtually from new. Needed too much work (rust) for me. It's had a few owners since though with £10's of K spent on it.
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    Another new MC20

    Less than 6 weeks?
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    4200/GS X and H pipes.

    Are you sure? :p
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    Range Rover advice

    P38s are probably the cheapest to buy. Just buy one for not a lot! Why the P38?
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    If it wasn't for the NHS five years ago, we wouldn't have our 13 year old son today.
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    Mcgrath maserati

    It's a bit like Italia Autosports near me. Classic Ferrari, with no sd2. Problem is many owners of the classics have collections, and not being able to run diagnostics on anything in the last 25 years is limiting. They where looking at alternatives to the sd2 a year ago when I last called around.
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    Quick on the draw, looks like I'm driving a MC20!

    Sounded nice, not V8 nice, but the V6 made a pleasant 'turbo' waffley noise! It's certainly a supercar that could be driven daily, if you wanted too, felt at home instantly driving it on the paddles just like my 4200. Twin clutch 7 speed. Suspension wasn't crashy either, more comfortable than...
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    Quick on the draw, looks like I'm driving a MC20!

    Running rough and smelt of petrol, engine light on dash. Went into the workshop to pick up my 4200, and the mc20 was blocking mine in. Techs were messing with it with the engine cover off. Being helpful as ever, I suggested have you tried turning the battery on and off, that usually works for...
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    Quick on the draw, looks like I'm driving a MC20!

    Got there early so straight out in the MC20. At 6'4" it was built for me, perfect driving position, so easy to drive and had a good long drive with a racing driver. Roads a bit damp for the power today but very impressive driving to the conditions, which the racing driver complemented me on. The...
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    Classic Car - conundrum

    The prices for cars for sale at the NEC both by dealers and the auction were crazy. Boat sailed for me buying anything additional to the fleet.
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    Stupid But Affordable Cars That We Are Tempted To Buy

    Again at the NEC. A very nice example indeed.
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    Stupid But Affordable Cars That We Are Tempted To Buy

    That's right, Toyota had a major shareholding in Lotus at the time, and apart from the Lotus twin cam engine, the drivetrain was all Toyota, including the wheels. There was a very rare same era Supra at the NEC too.