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    Hello beautiful matt steering wheel - nice to see you again!

    Surfex HD... Use it for everything nearly cleaning wise :thumb3:
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    About to throw in the towel

    There are a lot of incentives going EV. My employer is introducing either a tesla/polestar tax incentive deal. They need to sort out somehow the payment for "fuel" for business usage, when charging at home, as the current "wet fuel" method with business mileage tax reclaim is very good.
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    MOT Test Fraud.

    It would be different if all MOT tests were undertaken by the DVLA themselves!
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    New garage…

    Or Rough Rider, that was the dilemma of many kids in 1980!
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    Ferrari 400i Barn Find.

    Wash and an oil change, good to go!
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    New garage…

    Reminds me of the time my Grandma had a Kings Charles Spanial. Couldn't find 'Oliver' when my grandparents were leaving after visiting, only to find him ******* Paddington Bear in my sisters bedroom. 40 years later everytime I see Paddington Bear....
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    In roof solar panels for roof tile repair/replacement

    Fronius GEN24 Plus The above a hybrid so batteries can be added later. Discovered today a smaller 'slave' Fronius inverter is also part of the inverter cost package due to the size of the system.
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    In roof solar panels for roof tile repair/replacement

    Approx £9.5k with no battery, and no scaffolding (already up). The solar panels are £2.3k and the hybrid inverter £2.2k The rest is the mounting frames over 1K, then all the cables, monitoring stuff, installation etc. So was surprised that the actual panels themselves not that expensive...
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    In roof solar panels for roof tile repair/replacement

    Old roof removed, and new roof 90% fitted today. The roofer had 3 work gangs on the job, only the ridge tiles left and our small porch roof tomorrow. Also decided to go for broke on a 16x400w (6.4Kw) solar system with hybrid inverter. This is the maximum possible on the whole south roof. The...
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    Easy access system…

    As any car, who knows? I've owned cars without, and with. Personally if a second car, without, don't do the mileage. Only car I currently pay a warranty is on my daily M140i now on nearly 65K miles. Guess what, never had to claim for anything, but I just know if I knocked it on the head, the...
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    Sky Glass - any experience?

    Or some copper nails.
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    EV advise from any users please!

    Our garage is under the house. Has many advantages, security, access, dry and warm. Bit of a concern, car goes up, the whole house goes up. Don't think we will ever park an EV in our 'house'.
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    oh jeeez - That really isn't good!

    My old Lancia Y10 Turbo was non interference when the belt snapped! I think due to the low compression ration/high boost combo back in the 80's. I too suspect the chance of non interference is slim unfortunately.
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    In roof solar panels for roof tile repair/replacement

    Had quote for new roof today. Incl. Vat. £11k for dark grey concrete tiles £13k for repro stone tiles £15k+ for brazilian slate. Never having repro stone tiles again so that's out. House down the road has the Brazilian slate, looks stunning. However, you can't see our roof! From our drive...