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    Wilton Wake-Up (breakfast meet) 2020

    Duly added to the the 2020 Events list
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    Ok, not a newbie but.....

    Welcome back to the madness Greg, I echo the previous sentiments about your 3200. There's plenty of GTs up for sale, it's a buyer's market. You should find a decent one for 25k.
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    Pic of the day

    Traffic this morning, he was going 30 in a 40 and hogging both lanes. So inconsiderate!
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    Caliper bleed nipples required - where to purchase?

    Aha Nipples. They often get a bit stiff and need regular attention. They do come in alsorts shapes and sizes but all have the same purpose. Application of a bit of grease keeps them fresh. What?
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    Caroline Flack RIP

    Micheal Barrymore, very funny and succesful entertainer. One event in his personal life. Career over. Similar?
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    EVO Article

    You've raised my awareness, I would have expected to have seen more QV Stelvios than Levantes, as they're similar in performance but the Alfa being considerably cheaper. According to How Many Left there's 2246 Stelvios against 1871 Levantes. Consider that Range Rover Sports SVR number 2.3k.
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    Caroline Flack RIP

    I agree, aren’t certain crimes, once reported to the police, are unable to be stopped until they get to the courts? Violent crime being one of them.
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    Caroline Flack RIP

    I think this will be a wake up call for the social media types and gossip columns. The innuendoes, gossip stories and down right lies put out by 'journalists' trying to make their name and trying to sell gutter newspapers to an unintelligent audience who have been indoctinated to have hunger for...
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    The good morning thread

    Good Morning Everyone, wow have you all $hit the bed? I'm only up because I'm in work. Lots of water, tree detritus and wheelie bins on the road coming in to work. Two weeks to push...
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    Pic of the day

    Do either of these fly to Europe?
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    The good morning thread

    Haha, and good morning to you too
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    The Road to Le Mans 2020

    Crofty, I've come up with an idea to double your boot space. I've emptied my glove box and you can use that...
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    The good morning thread

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    Liberty Walk GranTurismo

    You think that's bad, you should feel for his brother Gaylord...
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    The good morning thread

    Good morning everyone, it's wet, it's windy and I'm not in my bed. Two weeks to go...