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    The good morning thread

    Good morning everyone from Thurso. Drove into John O'Groats yesterday did the obligatory photo by the sign etc. And on the spirited drive away, annoyed the local nut case. Long drive today to Dundonnell, so along the top and then down the west coast keeping the sea on our right.
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    Any insurance brokers here? Help needed

    What if he agreed to a black box being fitted?
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    Brexit Deal

    Made from the finest Stainless Chinesium. .
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    What you drinking now?

    Why don't you cut them at the bottom and let winter do its thing?
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    The good morning thread

    Good morning everyone from bonnie Scotland. In the border region, going through the lumpy bits today.
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    The Mother in Law thread

    My wife and I were walking through the town and we saw the mother-in-law being attacked by six blokes. My wife said, that we should help. I said don't bother, six should be enough. Thank you Les Dawson.
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    Guess who’s back? Sort of! New GT

    If is a big word.
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    So Long and Thanks for All the Fish

    And when he's thinks he is over it, he'll look at the forum, read a few comments, look at the pictures thread. He then do an idle search on autotrader. He pop on the next day, wish us good morning and do more searches on AT and then bam, he's back.
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    Maserati Grecale

    You could always go for the supermini of armoured vehicles, the ferret. No need for an 'arm day' with these.
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    GT13 MAS - Plate for Sale

    MY2013 but registered 2012 so no joy. Anyway I'm not selling unless someone offers me a lot of money.
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    The good morning thread

    Good morning everyone, day 6 of lie-ins and living on the road. Drove/walked round Manchester yesterday and its changed a bit, lots of rebuilding going on, mainly flats. Which to me with a long memory, in places where horrible slum flats used to be. Anyway, popping over to wrong side of the...
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    Stuff you've found on TV worth watching

    Many are, but you don't want to discourage women coming forward if they are genuine. It's a very fine line.
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    F1 Qualifying.

    Grand Prix of Leicestershire at Donington Park?
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    Stuff you've found on TV worth watching

    Craig Charles was accused of rape but acquitted. He wanted a law for anonymity until found guilty. He was even attacked whilst on remand for THREE months. I know that rape is a heinous crime but it might actually help the conviction rate in anonymity was granted for both sides.