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    Maserati group zero car seat

    The postage costs I am not sure about, I can look into it if there is a serious offer. Thanks
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    Maserati group zero car seat

    Maserati group zero (new born to 18m) car seat and isofix base. As new, hardly used. Cost £460 from HR Owen london £200 collect from surrey
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    First Post - Potential Granturismo Owner

    I bought my 2010 4.7 GTS auto from Dicky a few years ago , would definitely recommend him! He was lovely to deal with, knowledgeable and charged a fair price for a great car. I drove all the way up from London to pick it up and drove all the way down with a massive smile ! Mines a black car...
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    SM Apple CarPlay / Android Auto

    Amazing!!! I want one!!
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    Wireless Headphones.

    Hi mate I have a set of over ear sony m3 and they are pretty solid ... especially good for cancelling out my kids on long haul flights too lol!!
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    Mot failure :-( !!

    Hi guys an update, have taken the car down to Sports Italia to have it looked at, and it appears the brake shoes are missing !? Have left the car with the guys there to fix, they were kind enough to give the car a look over as well and pointed out a few other issues, hopefully will get the car...
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    Mot failure :-( !!

    it's a 2010 granturismo 4.7 ... thanks for replies.... I am happy to try and fix myself but have no idea what to look for or do ... lol!!
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    Mot failure :-( !!

    I can actually still hear the motor faintly coming on and off when I press the button still....
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    Mot failure :-( !!

    Hi guys, my car went in for an MOT today and they said it failed on the electronic parking brake they said its not coming on. I have had the car in storage in my dehumidified garage since October last year and i normally have the EPB turned off as once soon after I had bought the car from Dicky...
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    Baby number 2 :-|

    I have a maserati official rear facing seat for the granturismo as we had a baby girl in April! The seat works fine, you can unplug the seat from the base and take the baby and car seat out, a bit fiddly..... hence we still usually pick one of our other two cars which have four doors...
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    Quattroporte service in Surrey (UK) I had my last service and mot done here as they are down the road from me for my maserati granturismo gts they were good, knew what they were doing and didn't try and upsell anything while there. Their quote was cheaper than HR Owen but, but giallo quote was cheaper...
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    MC Stradale detailing on YouTube

    I watched that this week too, quite an amazing detail! Very thorough!
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    Air con control unit

    Thanks guys for the replies, will look at the feedback on the other forum!