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    How to take out this parts 3200 gt

    As above. Once the radio is out and you have access to the two screws. Pull the console out (Can be very tight). Be very careful with the aircon unit, They’re now pretty rare and very expensive.
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    3200 eBay Advert

    Nice car, attractive price.
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    3200 in the hottest day of the year!

    Just got my 3200 a/c working but it took abit of patience. Replaced the condenser and dryer and had it gassed, It held pressure but the pump wouldn’t kick in. After much trouble shooting it turned out to be the pressure switch. All sorted and works a treat now.
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    Blind, foolish impulse purchase of a 4200.

    High miles, No Mot, and budget tyres. You definitely paid up for it. Considering you can pick up a lower mileage moted car for £9k. Depends if you can operate a spanner or two? If not then you could be in for a bank account bashing.
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    Car regularly opened and robbed while I'm asleep

    Sounds like you need to sleep closer to your car.
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    My 3200GT and me

    Welcome. I hope you keep that baby garaged up there. Mart
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    Not a happy car

    Sorry to here this. No way would I spend £7k on a 10k car though. Either sell it for parts or buy a used engine and have It fitted for a reasonable price.
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    Anyone know this car pt 2

    Also looks like a nice car. ‘Waits for all the swivel chair 3200 mechanics to cast their expert eyes on it’
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    3200GT Plastic undertray wanted

    Got this one with a hole in it. Can go cheap.
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    3200GT Plastic undertray wanted

    Still looking for one?
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    Another nice 3200

    That looks a nice car. Even better if it was a Manual.
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    Headliner replacement / fix

    Yes I’ve done this, rear seats out along with the rear shelf. Then it’s A, B and C trims off along with the sun visors and interior light.
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    Maserati 3200GT gearbox plate change ?

    It clips up from underneath so needs to go down for removal and can be very tight to remove. Worse bit is refitting it
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    The big 3200 transformation

    Even good cars require maintenance...... Good work.
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    3200GT No Power

    I’ve bought two cars with contactless pots and both had CEL for throttle pedal. I haven’t touched these cars yet so can’t comment as to the setup but it didn’t fill me with confidence.