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    I met him in 2014 (Blondie recognised him at a car event) and he seemed like an enthusiastic, nice chap. There have been a lot of cars through his garage since then!
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    That was super to read! Thank you and well done to Bebs for keeping us educated on fine cigars.
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    Christmas Party 2nd Dec 2023!!

    Dammit, I will be in Antigua!
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    Is it going to be one of those years for famous people dying?

    I’m showing my age now, but Roger Whittaker has gone… I will play my “Best of RW” CD and whistle along with him. If I can find a CD player.
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    Rugby union

    Currently watching the Australia v Fiji match and I can’t stand the shouty monotone female commentator. She has said it is very loud where she is - so maybe she has been stitched up with some bad headphones. But, why haven’t they found a better spokesperson? Claire Balding is shouty, too. I...
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    What ya listening to now ???

    I have to admit that I went to see him and his roadshow at the Royal Festival Hall earlier this year. I even bought a hat with WOO on it.
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    Funny or clever number plates

    I have PYIIGGY on retention (looks a bit like an old nickname of mine) and have always fancied putting it on a Porsche for the porcine connection.
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    Pic of the day

    Where’s “her”? Is there a less grainy version of this somewhere? Brilliant idea, whoever thought of it. I think I can even see the boat from Jaws!
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    Funny or clever number plates

    Spotted back in 2009
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    What you drinking now?

    Which attachment is #95?
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    A few of us on here like a little French car

    I like the rear lights. They look like boiled sweets/lollipops.
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    What you drinking now?

    I also had the best oysters I’ve have had for years with it. French ones. They laser etch the logo on for authenticity.
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    Pic of the day

    ;) My intended winky emoji didn’t appear at the end!