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    Resetting Maserati Spyder Roof

    Thanks, very helpful. I’m sure you are right about the previous repair and the elastic not being long enough. Since I posted this I’ve carried on fiddling with my repair to try to improve it, using some different webbing. Really it needs to be done properly but it works OK for me except when it...
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    Brexit Deal

    Not all Internet sources are equivalent. For instance, you quoted from a group lobbying for an independent Scotland, who in turn have misinterpreted or misrepresented the facts (the FullFact link explains how this has happened regarding pensions). I quoted from the EU’s own statistics and...
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    Brexit Deal

    Not according to FullFact, it doesn’t. Also not the case, in 2018 at least. The UK is not especially generous, but just below the EU average, according to the EU...
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    Brexit Deal

    Likely they want to add enough ‘value’ in Germany to have them count as EU origin.
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    Brexit Deal

    Brexit is being used as an excuse by all sorts of lazy businesses in the EU and the UK. By contrast, the ones who have got their act together are finding it pretty straightforward in the main, now that the confused ones aren’t clogging up the supply routes quite as much. That’s been my...
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    Alternative parts, what everyone needs to know...

    Good news and bad news. Good news is SBR couldn’t find a leak in the aircon compressor so recommended not changing it. Bad news is that I didn’t get a chance to try out the Meat & Doria version. I did do a bit of research and saw a reference to these being rebuilt units (with warranty) so I’d...
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    A new magazine - Strada

    I’ve just read #1. If Carlsberg made car magazines... it really is superb. I was blown away by the quality of the production, way above any other magazine I’ve read and that includes some of the fashion magazines. There is loads of high quality content as well, more than I expected. The 550...
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    Alternative parts, what everyone needs to know...

    Good advice, thanks. It’s with SB Race Engineering at the moment for a service including a look at the aircon. I’ll talk to them next week and if we give it a try I’ll report back.
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    Alternative parts, what everyone needs to know...

    Belated thanks for this, I may well give it a go for my 2002 Spyder. Anyone tried this part?
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    Another Hydrolocked 4200 for sale

    Perhaps that’s exactly what the previous owner was trying. Just didn’t increase the fording depth quite enough [emoji29]
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    Oxford on nutter list!

    You are talking about Oxford City Council. Every possible punitive measure applied to motorists with no allowances made.
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    The Road to Le Mans 2021

    Great to see the change of date. I booked with my son for a roadtrip in the Spyder last year so really looking forward to August. My travel company says they are waiting to see who/how many the organisers will allow in. Anyone have any more definite information?
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    The watch thread.

    C’est la vie. Best of luck with the bracelet.
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    The watch thread.

    Ouch, sympathies for that. Unlucky to have a spring bar break. They are easily available, just need to get the right diameter as well as width. You can get replacement bezel inserts for about £40, if that would help. I tell myself the scratches and dents are memories, one day you’ll look...
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    Ratarossa 512BB

    It’s built a bit like 2 engines stuck together - mind you I don’t know much about engine design.