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    3200 manual or 4200 f1?

    I use my 4200 as a daily driver. About 20-30k miles per year. I have driven it now about 40k miles. The clutch still feels the same. Lots of highway though. Expect between 3 and 5k euros maintainance costs annual.
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    Ignition fuse blown. After replacing no further issues

    Today while idling the car for about 4 minutes after a 2 hour drive, suddenly out of the blue the car switched off. After checking the fuses , i found the ignition fuse (42 i think) be the cause. I replaced the 15amp fuse and drove for about another hour without any issues. Pretty weird. I am...
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    4200 / Spyder rear Antenna

    My may 2002 model doesn't have an antenna on the rear wing.
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    Gransport MPG - Owners experience.

    I have driven about 40k miles in a 4200 in about 1.5 years. it's my daily driver. the avg mpg after a week of commuting is 17.7 mpg or 6.3kpl. this is 80% highway. the best I can get is cruising at 50mph. I get 26mpg. there is absolutely no way to get that higher.
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    HOW TO: Heater Matrix Repair

    I have replaced mine with that one 6 months ago. perfect fit. no hose adjustments and no plastic parts.
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    Odd engine behaviour, mixture issues

    Plugs were done about 5k miles ago.
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    Odd engine behaviour, mixture issues

    Since the beginning of my ownership of a 4200 CC I notice some things I want to address. It is not a deal breaker, but it annoys me. I drove the car about 20k miles. Currently 70k miles on it. When i start my car cold it idles fine. You can hear and feel some tiny oddities though, which I think...
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    Passenger seat problems

    I tried to get the seat off. I couldn't get it off, because the seat was in the most rear position. Covering the rear bolts. Fortunately, I managed to get the motor off and while getting it off I saw that the motor in front of it (Tilt movement) is exactly the same. I took both motors off and...
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    Passenger seat problems

    My driver seat had serious difficulties moving forward and backwards. Stuttering and slow. I decided to lubricate it. Bad choice. First thing what happened was smoke when I tried to move it. Now it's stuck all the way to the back. I hear a beep when trying to move it. Anyone knows how to remove...
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    Need to replace my front speakers

    I left the tweeters intact. They both still work fine. I did not fiddle around with wires. Just took the connectors of the old speakers and put them on the new ones.
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    Need to replace my front speakers

    I have successfully replaced the front and the mid rear speakers with focals. Sound is amazing and so much better than the original paper speakers. The fronts actually fit well without mods. For the mid rear I went for the easy way. I took a dremel and made the hole slightly bigger. I covered...
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    Need to replace my front speakers

    Just tried to fit the font speakers with focal 615 ones. They also need to be brought forward with 2-4cm. The back of the speaker is hitting the window frame holder. Couple of rings might help, but the standard screws are too short now. Need to replace those.
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    Need to replace my front speakers

    Sounds doable. I might 3d print a adapter ring to move it forward. Any idea about the thickness of the ring? and how did you remove the trim panel (rear)?. Because the trim hole is also not big enough to get the speaker through.
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    Need to replace my front speakers

    I just received 5x7 focals (570ac) to replace my mid rear speakers. They won't fit. Can't get them through the inside panels. Do I need to remove that panel first. Is there any guide on that?
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    Granturismo purchase advice for a newbie

    Don't forget that you need about 2 to 5k a year on these cars if you let the garage do all the work. As usual the early models also have more issues than the latter ones. Better spend 35k on a 3 year newer version. The 10k difference is quickly spend on older models. Just my opinion.