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    Pic of the day

    I don’t think it’s the Reg plate that will make it look odd..... I blame that on the sh/te styling!
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    Happy Birthday A.L.F.A.

    Mine are fairly modern, had a 164 and a 166 aswell. Great cars all of them. Would love a 105 Guilia one day.
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    Nice Low-Mileage GTS

    Not sure how accurate this is but is a list of colours of 09-13 QP 4.7 GTS registered in the uk from new. Green appears to be the most unicornish of colours if true!
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    Is this a Stradale?

    That’s a great colour. Interior is a little OTT for my tastes, but I’m sure I could live with it!
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    Nice Low-Mileage GTS

    I guess so. They seem to be asking a premium for the rare colour. This would be fine if the rare colour was highly sought after, but I don’t think white is highly sought after on a quattroporte. The fancy metallic red, forget its name, on the car romans sold a while back, now that would command...
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    Nice Low-Mileage GTS

    People are clearly pitching these low mileage GTS’s too low! That’s the last 2 sold now before the dealers even have chance to get the pictures up!
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    Nice Low-Mileage GTS

    I think 2 years is too long between oil changes to be honest. Having said that it could still be a very nice car, unless it lived outside in a seaside town.... I predict it will sell quickly though like most 4.7 GTS’s. Especially with the low mileage.
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    Welsh Trip - Recommendations Please

    I used to go to wales quite a bit years ago on my motorbike. I do remember a great ride between Newtown to Llandrindod Wells. It was fast though, some great high speed bends. Probably too risky these days from a licence point of view!
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    Something 612-related I wrote a while ago...

    I had a 166 3.2 a good few years ago, in fact it was the exact one used in a fifth gear episode and a feature in autoitalia magazine with a 164 and a 159 after I sold it. Whilst not a quattroporte of course, it was still a lovely car, plus being a 3.2 it was also a manual, as they all were, I do...
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    My recently passed Uncle, and his 1971 Giulia Super 1600

    A sad tale, but at least your uncle looks to have had a great deal of pleasure from his alfa over the years. Obviously condition is key on older cars like this, but it does look like a lovely original example. Potentially worth more than your QP! I’d be trying some way of hanging on to it, but...
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    QPV GTS... 1 year in!

    Looks like there is a ‘carbon pack’ on mine, rather than TItantex, but just without the instrument binnacle being carbon. Door plates have ‘MC sport line’ on them though. Maybe you could mix and match what bits you wanted from new and weren’t fixed on either all items in the pack or nothing?
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    QPV GTS... 1 year in!

    Not sure what the difference is with tItantex and carbon fibre? It’s the same carbon fibre finish on the wheel as the dash and door inserts. Option from new I believe.
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    Maserati 4.7 V8 in a Mini Moke!!!!!

    Looks like it should weigh less than 850kg to me.
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    QPV GTS... 1 year in!

    Had my GTS just over a year now, it’s still awesome. I like a pale interior, mine is pearl beige.
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    Car ratings- wow, I didn’t see that result coming.....

    Results don’t surprise me. The guilia is an outstanding car. I know 3 people with a Veloce version and all say it’s easily the best car they’ve had. Is the ‘infotainment’ marginally easier to use on a 3 series? I don’t know, and I don’t care, none of the people I know have complained about it...