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    Girl on Swiss Roads Quattroporte review

    Beautiful! Certainly struck a chord with me ...
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    Girl on Swiss Roads Quattroporte review

    She's a delight! This one is a little more va va voom!
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    Auto Italia Italian Car Day at Stanford Hall - Sunday 29th September

    What a pity - thanks for letting us know ...
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    Auto Italia Italian Car Day at Stanford Hall - Sunday 29th September

    I'll definitely be there - been looking forward to it for ages!
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    Ferrari to cease engines to Maserati

    Hot off the press ... Maserati powered by Renault, Nissan or Mitsubishi perhaps?? Oh gawd ...
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    GT Winter Tyres

    For sale: part-worn Pirelli Sottozero (winter) tyres from my (past love) GT; the rears will fit my Ghibli S, but the fronts won't, so I'm selling the set. The tyres have c. 5mm of tread left and they cost approx £1,000 when new. I can't recommend winter tyres highly enough: they provide so...
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    Ronald McDonald’s Levante

    Feel sick ...
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    Second Daily Driver for less than £30k

    I've had my Ghibli S for 2 months now, and I'm absolutely delighted with it! Sounds fantastic, totally practical (if you have kids) and is full of theatre, like any Italian thoroughbred. (I know this is an SQ4 but it's essentially the same car) What I particularly love about this car is that...
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    Cars and Coffee Liverpool 25/2/18 from 9am to Noon

    I'll definitely be going to the next meet (this Sunday)! After two (Maserless) years in the wilderness, I picked up my new flame 2 weeks ago and am beginning to feel like me again! Would be great to see some other Tridents there ...
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    GT for sale

    Haha, yes Chris. So, as I was saying ... Anybody fancy an immaculate, cherished GT????
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    GT for sale

    Hi Chris, Thanks for the compliment - she is a beauty! For me, with this type of car, it's more about knowledge of the address of the registered keeper. For some organisations, for a meagre £2.50 fee, it's possible to do a DVLA check on a registration number to identify the keeper and...
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    GT for sale

    Thanks chaps ... The plan is to get myself into a GTS as soon as I can afford one - hopefully within 6 months. Once bitten, forever smitten!
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    GT for sale

    All good things must come to an end! After 3 happy years with my beloved GT, the time has come for us to go our separate ways - boohoo! Felt sad to say goodbye to my GS, and will feel sad to say goodbye to this, my second Trident. Advert here (feel free to contact me, if interested, on...
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    Silverstone Classic and Maserati Centenary parade.

    Will be there too, chaps - sooooo excited!
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    This just gets better and better...!

    When I was looking at buying a GT to replace my GS, I was advised to check for water in the boot and, apparently, the official Maserati advice to fix the problem is to drill a hole in the bottom of the compartment(!) I kid you not ...