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    Many USA owners on SM

    I saw the thread on ML about the brake rotors for the GT, which is what brought me over here. Like others have said, I enjoy the technical content and information that is shared here, so I read a lot of what is posted to learn more about my car, and Maserati in general. I live in the central US...
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    SM GTS Brakes

    I guess I'm lucky #20! Shoot me a PM to let me know how you'd like to accept payment from a guy in the US. Thanks! Mark
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    SM GTS Brakes

    I'd be in for a set... I'm in the central US (Oklahoma) and could likely handle distribution on this side of the pond. If it would be easier, I could front the cost for multiple sets and shipping here, and go from there. Just let me know what works for you guys. Thanks. Mark