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    Potential Maserati Owner

    Thread drift alert, but, talking of 911’s... I went to buy a Porsche today (more of that when the car arrives), and while I was chatting about “my” new car, I saw a very lovely series one 996 GT3 in yellow. A proper UK car (one of only 106, of which many have been crashed, tracked, modified...
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    Granturismo 4.7 S

    High mileage early 4.7 as a private sale, at a part-ex value, I’d stab at an estimate of circa £26k. Am I close?
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    Considering FF

    You can always put the roof up. It makes the PF look even better when you do. (Unless Penelope Cruz is driving it, that is.)
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    Seems suspiciously cheap

    There is a lovely light blue Spyder for sale in the Maserati Club at the moment. I know the car and owner and it is a great (early) example. I think the asking price is £18500, so imagine it could be bought as a Christmas present at a figure below £18k. From memory it’s a 2002 car, with cream...
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    Question of the day

    I think I know this one. Is it blue?
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    GT S to MC Stradale ownership

    Is just because the GS has the CC gearbox. So a GS weighs the same as a 4200 CC coupe. But both are 10kg more the 4200 GT (i.e. manual) coupe.
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    GT S to MC Stradale ownership

    Having looked through more official Maserati brochures, here are some dry weights: Ghibli GT - 1365kg 3200 GT - 1500kg 4200 Coupe GT - 1570kg 4200 Spyder GT - 1620kg GranSport - 1580kg QPV DS - 1860kg QPV (facelift, auto) - 1880kg GranTurismo auto - 1780kg GranCabrio-MC - 1880kg MC Stradale 2...
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    GT S to MC Stradale ownership

    Here are a few figures from some of my Maserati brochures (and these are all "dry" weights): Ghibli GT - 1365kg 4200 Spyder - 1630kg QPV - 1880kg GranTurismo - 1780kg GranCabrio-MC - 1880kg GranTurismo Trofeo (to GT4 class spec) - approx. 1350kg. In my office I could only find spec/price list...
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    Comparing similar 4.2 & 4.7

    At the original GT launch in London they used a silver car with bright red interior. It was even more red when my pal spilt his wine while trying to climb into the back. Silver is very practical as it hides the dirt/dust well. But on the downside, it never really dazzles, even when newly...
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    Old Style Maranello Plate Decals

    Good point. For the car I need this for (which is a 1979 model) I’d need it without the “www.” and the “.com” bits.
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    Anyone know this car ?

    His website is so out of date (over a year) that I thought he’d closed. And what happened about his move to Chelsea - all these shots are still taken at the car park in Shep Bush. But I’m pleased to hear he still is up and running, even if he doesn’t keep the website stock current.
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    Amazing GranCabrio MC in Blu Sophisticano! UK car

    That's very lovely. Not sure how I missed it when first posted. I wish it had been for sale when I bought my GC-MC back in the summer, as I'd have preferred this blue car to my black one. Best of luck with the sale.
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    Motorway Mile Munchers

    All sorts of stuff at the next Historics auction. How about a 4lt W8 VW Passat, with 4 wheel drive, full leather, etc. Only 40k miles, and likely to go for what, £4K?