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    Honest opinions please (QP)

    Buy a GTS now for around £18k and sell it in a decade for around £8k. Compare this to buying an S now for £15k and then selling it 10 years later for £6k. The difference (of about £1k over the ten years) really isn’t worth worrying about. So you may as well buy a GTS in the first place.
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    Honest opinions please (QP)

    Last summer. Looked lovely. But I’d buy a (slightly higher mileage, admittedly) GTS version if I were you. Find one for sale privately and drive a hard bargain. It’s a buyers market for that sort of car.
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    Honest opinions please (QP)

    It’s a nice car. I remember being in it at the Classics at the Castle event in Sherborne. Probably needs nothing more than an a quick once-over, a lights-and-levels check, plus oil and filter change for peace of mind.
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    Another 4200 Project Commences.....

    Mid teens. Low mid as a private sale, high mid if from a dealer with a new service, clean bill of health, warranty and detail. BTW, she’s looks lovely. Good choice.
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    Need a new exhaust... so many choices!

    Wow. GTT are just up the road from me and I'd never heard of them, even though until about 3 years ago we had a Mini. Seems like I missed a trick there.
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    Gransport Alignment Alternatives

    If you call or email Emblem they will give you the figures/settings, so at least you’ll have a good starting point.
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    Not a happy car

    A different upgrade option. Fit in a used 4.7 engine from a GT-S. It’s what Alfa did when they turned a GranSport into the 8C, so it can be done. Years ago I did a similar thing to my first 944 S. The original 2.5 lt engine dropped a valve, so lunched itself. I replaced it with the 3.0 lt...
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    Not a happy car

    Sorry to hear that James. I saw it at Emblem earlier today as I was collecting mine. If a GS is actually what you want (which I suspect it is), use this as the excuse to upgrade. And prices of GS cars (other than the lowest mileage examples) seem to have slipped back slightly over recent months...
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    10k for so much beauty...

    Early QP DS were every year. But when they launched the GranTurismo (with the same engine) they changed it to every two years. And yes, you could buy an early QP, a GS, and a GT for the price of a nice Strad. But over a 4 year period (for example), the Strad would cost about £4K in servicing...
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    GranSport MC Victory + MC12 GT1

    Yes - you’ve missed something. The difference in the seats and steering (alone) make them feel very different. The MC-V feels faster and more special, compared to a regular GS. But a good GS at £25k is better value.
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    Help with... 'duck'... Volvo XC90

    I’ve not had a Sport, so can’t comment on those. But my business partner and I have had Range Rovers and Discoverys for the last decade with excellent reliability. Personally I’d not have anything in place of my RR, other than a new one. (Please note, I’ve never owned cars by the likes of VW...
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    Help with... 'duck'... Volvo XC90

    Mine is the full fat RR, not the Sport. It’s a mild hybrid, not plug-in, so simply automatically shifts between diesel and electric power as you waft along. It’s a great car, but they are not cheap, only being made in the top-of-the-range Autobiography spec. So mine was £114k new, which had...
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    QP V DS (2006ish) vs 4200 CC (2004ish - late prefacelift or early fl)

    Go for a QP Sport GT. Better car in virtually every way. Unless your garage is small, in which case, go for the 4200.
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    Cali T or Cali 30?

    A Cali T might hold its money better now it’s slipped to £100k, but up until now, it’s value has been a predictable downward spiral. They are now about the price of a really nice 20 year old 355 or 550. So the question is, how much further can the value of a good Cali T slip? Surely not much, soon.