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    Sports Maserati - Tuscan Tea Party

    It was a triumph! Eb
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    GT - Tell me about ground clearance

    Yes nasty graunchy noise on occasion! Eb
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    Latest MC20 Teasers

    Should go like stink! Eb
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    What you drinking now?

    Stella Eb
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    MC20 Price

    Plus a soft top, but they didn't say whether that was petrol or electric. Eb
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    Car hire in Italy

    Now hiring a yacht in Naples .. what could possibly go wrong? :worried1::beach: Eb
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    The good morning thread

    Past morning I know, but just preparing for next week and found the entire Eb family set of dive computers complaining that they are low on battery. Sound familiar? Just back from the local dive shop and all good now. Eb
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    Pic of the day

    Won't wear shorts.... Eb
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    Pic of the day

    You're a dark horse... Eb
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    Favourite saying

    When badgered for a story by my brother and me.. "One fine day in the middle of the night, two dead men got up to fight. Back to back they face each other. With their swords they shot each other" It was a dark and stormy night, and the captain said to the mate. "Tell us a story, mate". So the...
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    Car hire in Italy

    Avis were fine! Eb
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    The good morning thread

    Lady was age appropriate. Eb
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    No time to die trailer

    You too have a white cat, Mr Conaero.....You also drive a Maserati. You're beginning to fit the profile! How far away are you from world domination? :) Eb
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    The good morning thread

    Had a great evening yesterday sat in front of this. Mrs Eb rather liked it, but still won't let me mortgage everything to get one Eb
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    SM Big Brake kit and pads - SOLD

    Thanks for the responses. Not sure bigger disks without bigger calipres makes sense, even if it's posible. I came hooning round a corner the other day, on a tight B road, taking the long way to the petrol station, as you do, and found myself staring at the back end of an AA van stopped on the...