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    4.2L (Cold) Rough Start/Cam Shaft Variators

    That is what I have been told. As long as it stops after a second or two on cold start up. Eb
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    Alfieri update

    Yes that was my take. However a proper halo car that people have been begging for so that's fine. For most of us, ownership of anything new coming out of Modena is years away anyway unfortunately. Eb
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    The good morning thread

    Just do it! I'll make sure you get back to Paddington for the last train.... Eb
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    Alfieri update

    So a limited edition GT racing car of which a few might become road legal? Eb
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    Formula 1

    Is that like teabagging? Eb
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    GT.....but 4.2 or 4.7?

    McGoblin :) Eb
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    GT.....but 4.2 or 4.7?

    One for Highlander! Eb
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    Maseratis - Spotted

    Baddies always driving the Maser! Eb
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    SM 10 year anniversary - Drinks in London - 21 Feb - nr Waterloo

    There goes the Le Mans kitty! Eb
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    Maseratis - Spotted

    I must say that's a lovely looking QP Eb
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    Newbie Collecting on Wednesday! Anyone know the car?!

    How long before it starts draining your battery....? Eb
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    SM 10 year anniversary - Drinks in London - 21 Feb - nr Waterloo

    Disappeared in Zeps post. NB Bakerloo line on strike Friday evening Eb
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    Porsche may have a problem!

    You wouldn't want to be near one of these performance electric cars on the shuttle... Eb
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    QPV GTS - Rear Parcel Speakers Recommendation?

    Trouble is the QP doesn't have any speakers in the front doors. There are tweeters in the corners of the dash in the front and a woofer in the passenger footwell. The rest of the speaks are in the rear parcel shelf and the rear doors. I'm sure I've read a post somewhere (probably the other...
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    Lovely pics - need to get on and do some proper planning! Eb