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    The good morning thread

    Have you? ;) Eb
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    What you drinking now?

    Two bottles as well! Eb
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    The Influenzo

    I enjoyed watching the Influenzo journey so far. Nice to see a car being worked on and what the various bits are supposed to do and how. So hats off to him. Looking forward to Ian Tyrells contribution too. Eb
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    Does This GC Centennial Look Legit?

    Ooh that's nice...! Eb
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    Automatic gearbox software

    What goes around comes around! Eb
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    The good morning thread

    Wave as you go by Newton! Eb
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    More carbon goodies

    What's the exhaust? Eb
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    The good morning thread

    I hope that it requires both of you to issue share dividend to either... Nothing stopping A or B solely getting all the dividends and leaving nothing of the other share holder. Eb
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    Pic of the day

    My Opel Kadett 1.2 hatchback in 87 was some kind of gold too, where it wasn't rusted or filled...! It was 10 years old by then and I was the 7th proud owner! Eb
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    la la Superstar

    I got Neils new album on vinyl for my birthday recently - lovely Eb
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    The good morning thread

    I used this lot. Very straightforward But you may want to speak to an accountant re additional shareholders and directors to see if there are any tax efficencies to be had Eb
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    What's the press thingy for and what in the cardboard box? Theres' alot of "stuff" to obsess about with cigars which only adds to their allure! Eb
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    SM Audiophiles?

    Just add a blue tooth gadget attachd to one of the inputs of teh amp - they can be as cheap or expensivie as you want I've got one of these attatched to my ancient audiolab and works well. Son mightlity impressed he can play is stuff throuygh my system and make alot of noise...
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    LED Interior lights upgrade - do it

    What's the advantage - is it just brightness? Eb