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    Looks just like all the promo shots of stock used by the dealer Tom Hartley. He has a slightly submerged platform he photographs all his stock on to make them appear floating. In fact I can just see his sign at the top of the picture, so that’s exactly where this was taken
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    The Road to Le Mans 2020

    If you are in the area, the Hotel de France In La Chartre is the way to get closest to the action this year. Drink in the bar surrounded by LM memorabilia and photos with the race streamed live.
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    I’ve only got the Ken Miles car from 1966 in 1:18 at the moment, but hopefully the full size thing next week.
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    Yes proper centre lock knock ons, and all the right interior fittings and instruments. Engine is a Ford 331ci stroker V8 , ATK High performance short block, Scat 331 stroker kit, Forged pistons, Comp Cam and roller rockers with Holley carburettor, Edelbrock Victor performance inlet manifold and...
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    I think we are coming to the end of the era of N/A ICE sportscars with a manual box and was looking for something raw to add to my road collection as the DB4 is not road legal. I tried an Atom and BAC Mono, then by chance came across this GT40 replica. With my Le Mans connections it’s seemed to...
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    E-Sports: Please Explain

    Got into this during lockdown . Got advice from my adult son and bought the full SIM racing kit- seat, wheel, pedals, wrap around screen and Xbox with Forza7 I do classic racing with my DB4 so know what the real thing is all about. Is it the same? Of course not, but not bad to familiarise...
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    So Long and Thanks for All the Fish

    It must be an age thing I guess (I'm 57). But when I compare the real character of a car such as the looks, feel and noise vs all the tech in the latest stuff, I really can't see how all the latest infotainment and connectivity will enhance my driving pleasure. Some of the safety stuff such as...
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    The watch thread.

    I have the 2006 Bond version featured in the railway scene when Vesper says “Rolex?” Bond replies “Omega” and Vesper says “Beautiful”. Very similar to your 2002 and valued at about £3.5k assuming unmarked, with box and all paperwork. Watchfinder or similar will offer about £2k if you trade it.
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    Chichester going downhill?

    Hilarious! I have the “Nextdoor“ ap on my phone and pretty much every post on there falls into one of the categories on this bingo sheet. Live in a little village in the middle of nowhere and everything and anything that happens gets a mention!
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    Simple & Cheap Underbonnet Upgrade for GT/GC Select option M5 x 15mm OD and pack of 25. Just the right number inc the 2 small panels at the back of the bay that need 3 each
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    Simple & Cheap Underbonnet Upgrade for GT/GC

    Sorry, it’s M5 x 16mm I used. 15mm is the ext diameter of the washers. Sorry for confusion
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    Simple & Cheap Underbonnet Upgrade for GT/GC

    Any number of suppliers can provide these. Nothing special. Just search M5 stainless socket headed bolts. Length can vary but the original steel ones are about 15mm. Washers similarly are M5 stainless x 15mm external diam
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    Simple & Cheap Underbonnet Upgrade for GT/GC

    Here you go for the bolts. Washers are just M5 x 15mm Stainless
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    Simple & Cheap Underbonnet Upgrade for GT/GC

    I was fed up with the rusting black steel bolts holding the engine covers in place, so have replaced these with M5 stainless Socket head bolts and washers. Look much better IMO, they don’t rust or seize and cost was less than £10 off eBay for the 25 you need.