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    SM Audiophiles?

    I think its common among Petrolheads to also enjoy mechanical watches and trad Hi Fi. I'm the same, with a watch collection shared on this forum and a Hi Fi setup made of various components made over the last 20 years or so. Cyrus pre and power amps and DAC, Monitor Audio GS30 speakers...
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    Alternative to a GranCabrio

    Quite right. Bought a 2010 Grancab a year ago, and smile every time I get in it. I get nothing but compliments from others on the road and wherever I’m stopped and sound is to die for. I’m in my 50’s and have no interest in all the lane keep park assist tech nonsense, as I managed my driving...
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    The Road to Le Mans 2020 - 24H & Classic Accommodation

    Just an update for you all, now Matt has filled and closed his accommodation booking for the 24H. Our apartment is available that sleeps up to 4 available for the 24H event, if any of you want to go but have missed the boat (no pun intended!) on Matt's accommodation. My place is right opposite...
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    Aluminium dead pedal- using one as a template for more

    Ah, looks like stindig now has 10 according to Sams post above, and the order is placed. Can’t wait
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    Aluminium dead pedal- using one as a template for more

    Come on GT/GC owners! We've got 6 orders here I think so far and need 10 so Sionie can order. This is as per factory spec but miles cheaper at £42 inc P&P.
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    Aluminium dead pedal- using one as a template for more

    Count me in for one 100% please. Don’t think the threads are there, but drilling a hole for self tapping bolt threads would work. Just need to be careful about any wiring under the plastic housing this will bolt onto.
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    Yes, although I would have preferred leather. Many luxury cars had cloth in this era apparently because leather would "polish" the suits of the well-heeled owners and make them shiny. Not a problem for a retired Oik like me!
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    Went as usual last weekend. This QP was pretty good, and subframes looked OK from a brief look underneath. Had the wood trim and black leather which is not my favourite, but that's personal choice. Made £12.5k inc 6% premium...
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    QPV SK07 Harpenden

    No, not me. Moved from there to near Sandringham in Norfolk in 2013. Only exotica up here are made by John Dere and Massey Ferguson!
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    QPV SK07 Harpenden

    Me too. Lived on East Common in the late 90’s. One of the nicest places I have ever lived in the UK, but with prices to match. Moved to Bishops Stortford to get a bigger place at a more reasonable price.
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    Help with road-trip planning around Northern France (Le Touquet/Le Havre/Normandy)

    I live half my life in France often driving U.K. reg cars. Don’t worry about beam converters, bulb kit or the breathalyser kit as the law for the latter was never passed. Do carry the high vis vests and triangle as these are the things you do actually use if you breakdown, and the Gendarmes...
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    Newbie from France

    Bonjour Je vis en partie au Royaume-Uni et en France, où j'ai des propriétés à Aix en Provence et à La Chartre près du Mans, domicile du célèbre Hôtel de France. N'hésitez pas à me faire savoir si vous êtes à proximité de mes emplacements à tout moment Meilleurs vœux
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    Loire Valley Recommendations

    Agree its a very capable and reliable vehicle based on my personal experience. Looks were always challenging and have got better over the years IMO, and if you are inside you can't see them anyway! Can get about 19mpg on a run between my UK and French homes provided I stick to max 70 mph on...