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    Good Evening

    Happy to talk you through all the variations, I’ve written them on here more times than I care to remember. At your budget, you’ll get a 2012 MY auto with sport pack (MC Autoshift) or a 2013 MY MC Shift (F1 gearbox).
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    Gransport exhaust options - some before and afters....

    A, don’t like the drone at 80mph on louder ones.
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    Gordon Bennett

    Pretty special that.
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    Road Trip to Italy

    Lindau is lovely, went last year.
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    Cycling newbie

    You can get an ebike for just under a grand. You’ll use it more, you’ll go further, and if you want to, it’ll still help your fitness improve. I’ve had mine 7 years and it’s brilliant.
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    Road Trip to Italy

    Bolzano, Maastricht, Ghent, Heidelberg all great places en route home if you’re heading back further east route.
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    Road Trip to Italy

    Sounds great Ian, that’s an almost identical route to mine last year. Turn left in Davos and go over the Flüelapass, awesome. Stelvio pointless in your car though. Bodensee is lovely too, we stayed there overnight.
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    For sale H&R Spacers 22mm/15mm

    As per the title, I’ve a set of H&R Spacers for Granturismo. Easy to fit and original wheel bolts can be used. Front are 15mm, Rear 22mm. Done 3k miles on the car so all good. They’re about £350 new so £200 cash on collection or £225 posted and they’re yours... 07734394699, drop me a text or a...
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    Anyone know if Prestige Installs (Audio) has gone under?

    I’ve left a few voicemails, never heard back.
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    Awesome hotels in the UK

    Love that place, we often go for a drink there when down in Falmouth. Take the boat across and sit overlooking the castle and the harbour, heaven on a summers day.
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    Gransport MPG - Owners experience.

    There is something wrong with your car if you’re getting 10mpg unless it is driven exclusively on track.
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    Gransport MPG - Owners experience.

    18mpg if you drive it like you stole it. 21mpg mixed, 25+ on a run. They’re one of the few cars that do better than expected mpg.
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    The good morning thread

    Mad isn’t it Ross; no one up North complains about links to London. We all complain about East West links. It is 80 miles from me to Holyhead, 2h10, it’s 220 to London, 2h5!!!