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    The good morning thread

    Go, bit of rugby to watch...
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    MC Stradale

    The times on there are staggering. A Stradale is quicker than a Zonda, an Exige S and a Koenigsegg amongst others.
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    Stradale going up for sale

    F12. Without a shadow of doubt.
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    Low mileage GS

    I’ve had 2 or 3 late 4200’s that had the optional dials too.
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    Low mileage GS

    Looks nice that @DaveT. I’d hazard a guess that the history will be a tad patchy if it had a £6000 service this year. It’s 12 years old and just 10k miles.
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    Nice Maserati Biturbo Spyder for sale

    Like the one we’ve just sold, rare thing too:
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    Sad day

    Agreed, wholly inappropriate if the man has lost his life in the accident.
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    4.7 GT-S MC Shift

    It’s an 08/58. A quick search on the reg from the image shows it was one of the very first MC’s, reg’d 17/10/08.
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    Eight years in a GranTurismo

    I know you can just replace the bush; but don’t know if GP will do that for you.
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    4.7 GT-S MC Shift

    He has just said he’s open to sensible offers.
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    Eight years in a GranTurismo

    They’re very well built cars; if properly maintained they have very few issues. The creak is usually a shock bush; although it could be a number of things.
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    Eight years in a GranTurismo

    Cheers Wattie; you could probably buy it back. Is this yours?
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    Fair play to him, great experience for him.