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    Touch up - paint that is

    sod the jelly, it’s the white plastic that is troubling me!
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    If you love your Maserati - Let's see your pics!

    It’s the night before Service 1 .....she’s looking good in the evening sun.....
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    Harry’s Garage Quattroporte GTS

    Right - tried this twice today....I am not sure I would describe this as launch control....essentially hold it on the breaks and go.....I am sure you could do that in a S? Anyway it was fun.....but not sure I will bother again....
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    Maserati article - future plans

    Think the omens will be far better now that FCA has listed Ferrari in its own right....
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    Maseratis - Spotted

    This is a rare find! I saw the first fixed head built at McGraths - lovely carbon fibre detail under the hood - but they have clearly built more and included drop head - thanks for sharing this
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    Service time

    Try Dale at Prestige - he is mobile and ex HR Owen +44 7904 273813
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    Broken wing mirror glass

    That’s what I love about this forum.....instant answers....but I suspect there are a few more bits somewhere of the Alfa 159 that are shared with the QP! These motors look very similar - wonder if it has a similar rating and could work, even though the connector is in a different place....
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    Broken wing mirror glass

    So the Alfa 159 mirror arrived....and is a perfect match the back is slightly different as it’s fitted with a universal clip but slot on the two wires, and press into place And hey presto! wingmirrorman is the website I used and £23 delivered... Does make me wonder what else from the...
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    Harry’s Garage Quattroporte GTS

    Just to bust those far as can tell it’s looks like dumping the clutch at 3000rpm with no traction control - will evaluate this weekend
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    Harry’s Garage Quattroporte GTS

    this is true - it’s in the supplemental handbook for the GTS - never tried it....
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    Harry’s Garage Quattroporte GTS

    Right - gonna try launch control next week!
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    2 cars for sale

    Christ - they are both no money for the machines they are!
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    Broken wing mirror glass

    New strategy - gonna invest another £19.99 on the following:
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    Broken wing mirror glass

    So quick update - the Alfa 159 is a perfect match and I ordered mine for less than £10 delivered... the first picture is them on top of each other - perfection - now - any ideas on how to transfer the back and the heating element?
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    CNC Components

    It was an option....mine got specced with Aluminium pedals which are not as nice as the MC pedals....imho...and no I have a shiny dead pedal...the whole set would be nice!