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    Nicki Lauda

    Very sad. RIP
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    Any one know this car?

    My old Argento one is for sale on here as well Dicky. Not seen it anywhere else.
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    Fiat 124 Spider Abarth .

    100% agree re handling etc Prefer the looks of the MX5 which is a sad statement to have to make.
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    The £110,000 Shamal

    My favourite Masser ever the Mistral. Saw one in silver 10 or so years ago. Epic.
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    How bad are Diesel Massers?

    Exactly what I did except mine is a petrol. ;-) Agree with the sentiment.
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    How bad are Diesel Massers?

    Nail on the head there
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    Ferrari to cease engines to Maserati

    Wouldn't be the first time sadly
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    Went to see a couple of cars ..need some help??

    Lovely car. Congratulations!
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    How tight are some folk?

    You are correct mind....
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    How tight are some folk?

    Happy Easter to you too Dicky;)
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    The good morning thread

    Lovely day here in Southsea. Out in the boat, maybe over to Isle of Wight for some late lunch.
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    Am I crazy?

    Link shows it as sold?
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    Nice Gransport

    Which one Andy? Derby or Cambridge
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    Nice Gransport

    Like that a lot. Not sure on the interior but may be better in the flesh as Matt says. Like this too...