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    Pic of the day

    That photo you've chosen is the David McKay 250LM he bought new and raced in Australia for his Scuderia Veloce team. The team badge is above the prancing horse and the green stripe on the bonnet confirms. David gave the car to Spencer Martin to race. Spencer was the guest speaker recently at...
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    Maserati Indy

    Congratulations on your purchase. As motivation here are some pictures of a low mileage Indy owned by the former Maserati dealer in our town. He has promised me a ride in it. This 4.7 litre example showed up at Auto Italia 6 years ago, with a for sale sign on it. Are they UK plates...
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    Pic of the day

    B is for Bathurst, but that isn't it.
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    Repair our AC Compressors saving ££££?

    I did too. You just need to identify the type of compressor your car came with, Sanden or AC Delco. In my case we used one of those cameras on a flexible tube to see the back of the compressor before ordering.
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    Hi Shane, I think that's a typo on the distance travelled in 4 days to still have time to do all the other activities.
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    Too much oil bends GS crank

    Read this in the car advertisement - This vehicle had a brand new engine fitted by McCarrolls Maserati Sydney and has only done 4,241kms since. Original engine will come with the car. Engine was replaced due to McCarrolls over filling the engine oil which bent the crank. New engine from...
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    Granturismo MC Design Rims

    The old one couldn't be welded and painted?
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    Pic of the day

    Mexican drug dealer's car??
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    Lowest Mileage and Highest Priced GS I've ever seen!

    Awesome car. Love the interior condition and the red carpets. There was a silver GS ex Singapore for sale in Sydney a couple of years ago with less than 100 miles on it as I recall. The original owner bought it new as an investment. I don't think that worked out too well for him what with the...
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    Gransport brake upgrade

    Would you test fit an 18" wheel too please?
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    Maserati 4200 Carbon Fibre Steering Wheel

    I bought one and put it in my Gransport. I much prefer a less fat, fully round steering wheel without flat bit and excessive cutouts for the the thumb. This wheel still benefits from the carbon fibre sections.
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    Auto Italia 2022

    Couple of others were - The star of the day was the debut of Sean's replica P4. His mate Tim trailered over his Dino 206SP replica from Adelaide to join the party.
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    Auto Italia 2022

    Here are picks from today's event. Sorry there weren't more but I was judging the Fiat 500's and 595's and snapped these as I could. I didn't get to see the rest of the FIAT's, the 30 or so road Ferrari's, tons of ALFA's and some Lancia's. Separately I'll post photos of the blue MC20 they...
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    Gearbox won't find neutral

    I'm judging but will try to take some photos and post them for you all.