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    The good morning thread

    A good Thursday morning to all. A very normal day today….Well I hope it will be.
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    The good morning thread

    Good morning all. So it’s Wednesday and …….. Nope it is just Wednesday.
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    Great choice are they excellent at what they do.
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    Pic of the day

    Isn’t that Ewan’s old 4.2 QP Sport GT S. Bloody love that car. Stunning colour inside and out. Best looking 4.2 Sport GT S out there for me a real beauty.
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    I've bought a Cup

    Well done as I know you have always wanted one. First Maserati I really truly listed after. Look forward to see your progress.
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    Terrible Jokes Thread

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    The good morning thread

    Good morning all. Back to work so not an exciting day. Safe journey Andy and have fun.
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    A rejoiner - Levante & Cielo

    Welcome back. Clearly you can’t say your MC20 has arrived without adding more details about this wonderful car and pictures when you get a minute. How exciting.
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    Terrible Jokes Thread

    I am glad of that Phil as if there was more there would be far too many French cars on the road. But I am genuine when I say it is great to have you back my friend.
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    What you drinking now?

    A very cheeky Monday Aperol.
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    MC Stradale

    Agree Stu, it’s a great spec and will be a great car being sold by Dicky. Do we know if the car is someones on here ?
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    Terrible Jokes Thread

    Phil, is that you ? @philw696 Great to see you back my friend as I have missed you.
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    Terrible Jokes Thread

    Classic Benidorm.
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    2023 F1 - Fantasy League

    League after yesterdays race.
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    The good morning thread

    Good morning all, last day off before back to work tomorrow. May just relax then.