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    The good morning thread

    I hear you Adam, morning all, local today making up some ropes. Have fun all...
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    Ok, not a newbie but.....

    That is a ball ache Greg, I don't know how many systems the ECU is tied to on the 3200 but given the age it is not likely to be many if any so it may be possible they may be exchangeable with just reprogramming the keys. Others may be able to advise, it would be such a shame to loose her.
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    Pic of the day

    Ye gods!
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    Ok, not a newbie but.....

    Welcome back Greg, What is the issue with getting Marci back on the road?
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    I worked in Hawaii on the Hickham airforce base at Pearl Harbour in99/00. It was fantastic. A lovely mix of colonial Britain with Chinese and Japanese over Polynesian with a strong American overlay. So the food is incredible, the people are very laid back and friendly. Waikiki is the main drag...
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    Caliper bleed nipples required - where to purchase?

    Yes, a simple job, ask for Brembo equivelant at your local motor factors and they will be pennies not pounds.
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    The good morning thread

    Is that a really specialist golf club?
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    The good morning thread

    I’ve really enjoyed working on the Maserati today, it has fought me all the way but crawling around under there I’m reminded what awesome machinery they are. Got the drivers side rear finished with new disk and pads plus shoes. Got the near side rear mostly apart ready to change the tie rod...
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    Hill Engineering Ball Joints

    Well I just dodged a bullet! Putting the wishbone back together and I’ve spotted a split in the ball joint boot!!! Time to panic and I recalled it has been replaced by others on here but running out of time to catch the Motor Factors on a Saturday I just grabbed it and ran. MOTEX Romford I love...
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    The good morning thread

    Morning all, right I’m having a selfish weekend on the car, I need to have a drive in it to restore my sanity. Have fun all...
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    The Road to Le Mans 2020

    Can we pack yet???
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    Transferring reg numbers from motorbike

    There is nothing stopping you MOTing a classic car thereby making it eligible to transfer, as earlier posts eluded many V5 documents state non-transferable. This is generally if the V5 has been lost and a new one applied for when a vehicle is older than DVLA computer records. I’d have a pop at...
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    The good morning thread

    Stevie, that is a real shame to have it written off, I hope you get a respectable offer in the end; take it the 3rd party are still denying liability?
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    The good morning thread

    Morning all, went to the Ace last night with Jeanette to meet Urby, surprised to see two other Maseratis there, didn’t find the owners though. Loads of Abarths. Today we are back in Islington to do more rope repairs. Have fun all...
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    Swapping Number Plates

    Yep; the system is real-time now, you can do all V5 related things online, buying or selling, don't sod about sending the V5 off, do it online whilst exchanging the cash, (it is a check the V5 is real also) then insure it, then tax it and you are good to drive home. Remember to also register or...