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Thread: 800 Mile Maserati 20" Gloss Black Neptune wheels for sale + tyres...

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    I’ve decided to lower these down to £1200. Updated thread start...

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    £1000 and they will fly out.


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    Hahaha I like your style.
    I’ve been offered a bag of sand today and £1200 but payment not for a while but ideally would rather sell in next couple weeks or list on eBay. I’ll see how I get on, cost me an arm and leg for the refurb which wasn’t great timing on myself if I’m honest but Dickie helped me with some Stradales the gent he is, but wasn’t expecting them for a couple months...

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    Just updated pictures below at thread start. Showing condition inside the wheels where they normally pit.
    Im awaiting a PM reply on an offer of £1000 with collection, however if this fails I will sell for £1000. I think ive come to the realisation I need the space.

    I dont think there can be a more immaculate set of wheels with tyres on available.




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    They have to be an exceptional deal for someone!

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    Pending payment by a forum member this will be sold.
    Its only taken me an hour to do one wheel, bit of foam, bit of carboard, 2 rolls of tape and some carpet, so they should be ok


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