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Thread: TPMS Again

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    I've had an on off battle with the TPMS system since I bought the car. I get a 'Service Tire Pressure System' alert pop up on a fairly regular basis. It stays until I pump up the tyres .2 above the recommended values and get a long run in to clear the fault. There is no way to clear the fault except by doing some crazy system that involves running the engine whilst stationary for a while and then doing a decent M-way without stopping.

    The car has been in and out of the dealers with this and now they just put me onto a technician when I ring in about it. This can't be right. Does anyone else's Ghibli display this behaviour at all?

    One thing I do notice is that the front offside sensor always displays .1 to .2 above the other tyres even when I fill them to the same pressure. Could it be that I've an intermittent fault on the one sensor that's throwing the whole system out?

    Any thoughts would be appreciated?
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    They are over sensitive and can cause lots of issues. I found replacement ones when I bought winter wheels and tyres here

    Once fitted, these caused no issues at all. They are pre-programmed so are plug n play. Maybe switch out the stock ones when you next change tyres and see if these reduce the issue?
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    Only ever had one issue with mine, when one of them showed 0.5 after fitting some new tyres. They half deflated offending tyre and re inflated and was ok

    They mentioned if they get dust / dirt in them then this can happen.

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