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Yep, last week in my local high street.... x3 reverses into 67 plate Golf. Golf jumps a bit through impact, X3 drives off.... 67 plate now in two pieces and nasty scuffiness on bumper. I left a note on Golf of X3 number plate. Dunno why, not my car or anything to do with me really, but I was furious after seeing that.
Wish more people would do that. Over the years I've had a few minor damage incidents in car parks and every time no note left and the offender has just driven off leaving me to pick up the bill.

My GTS' latest £5.5K damage was a mum in my daughter's school car park. Luckily I was sat in the car at the time as the first thing she said to me was "oh..was that me?". No love, it was the Easter bunny.