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Thread: 3200 Brake Shoe Swap

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    Newmachar, Aberdeen
    **** I was pretty lucky then.
    Current - 3200 GTA, Yeti, V8 Land cruiser,
    Previous cars - TVR Chimeara 4.5HO, TVR S2, 5.0l Mustang, Jag XJ, racing Hillman Imp.

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    Wanganui, New Zealand.
    Quote Originally Posted by spyderbags View Post
    Ok thanks, I'm resigned to getting screwed yet again then! They are listed in Maseratiparts from the Netherlands for just 19 Euros but of course are not in stock.
    PhilW small world. I used to live (virtually) in the Windsor, was well known for leaving my various Jags overnight in the car park! Fun times.
    One of the Best Pubs in town for sure Great Staff and some of the Best Bar Maids
    They used to call me Enzo because of my Ferrari and Maserati which i often parked in the hammerhead outside my house.
    I emptied the pub when i started my 4200 i bought here with just the exhaust manifolds on after doing the oil pump on the driveway.
    As you say Good Times much missed.
    Ex Technician for Wanganui Motors Ford and Mazda.
    Technician for Fredco Automasters Auckland.
    Technician for Auckland Maserati and Lotus in New Zealand March 2015 to July 2016.
    On my second 4200 cambio corsa brought over to NZ.
    Current fleet:
    Maserati 4200 cambio corsa MY 2004.
    Range Rover Vogue 2008 4.4 Comfy Daily.
    1977 Daimler Sovereign XJC 4.2 one of only 2 in New Zealand.
    1976 Mini Clubman 1275 on the road project.
    1994 Mini Cooper on the road for www.porkpie,
    2010 BMW G450X Enduro Bike for exercise
    1976 Kawasaki Z1000.
    1973 Raleigh Chopper 3 Speed in orange.

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    weston super mare
    Quote Originally Posted by madmanmart View Post
    I know Iíve got a couple of pairs somewhere if David Askew canít help you.
    Thanks that would be great, I shall wait for David Askew to respond then maybe PM you in the week if that's ok.

    And PhilW... Yes, the Barmaids!!

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