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Thread: Hydro-dipping

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    i have the GS steering wheel on my car and this should be a really good match. My air vents went sticky so i removed the black surface but now they feel really cheap and nasty (which i guess they are). iíve seen them in carbon and i quite like the look but itís more complex coating a moving part.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Conaero View Post
    That is rather lovely David...youve got me thinking now!
    You and me both!
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    how tough is the finish?
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    A few years back now when I was having my wheels refurbished they would hydro dip your wheels to look like carbon fibre so would imagine it has to be pretty tough to have it on a wheel.
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    Thanks looks wonderful! Very tempting!

    If the finish applied is a two part epoxy it will be as scratch resistant as real carbon fiber, but of course not as strong mechanically.
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    Wow that is Beautiful.
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    Interesting - I think the gear shift paddles were something like £570 from Australia - though they are carbon and slightly larger...

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    I asked about durability and was told should be very tough, obviously donít put your keys on it!
    Itís a really high gloss finish and difficult to take good pictures without getting loads of reflections but hereís a few more fitted as a demo before I refit for real.
    Any guesses how much it cost to do both pieces?

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    Those do look good David... so £250 for all three items?
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    Just had these back from Wicked Coatings. Excellent job. For my E63 AMG daily, car has carbon pack 2 option but not sill trims which are part of carbon pack 1. From memory genuine CF trims from MB were about £2.5k. Purchased these in black gloss from MB and sent for Hydrodip. All in cost a shade under £500. Rear diffuser and front apron to do over the summer when GS out of storage.

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