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Thread: My new QP :)

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    Somehow I missed this.

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    Love the colour, but I would, wouldn't I? :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mattp View Post
    One of my favorite colour combinations, tasty set of wheels and a real engine! beautiful! what extras does she have??
    Let me see.

    21” Titano wheels
    Mica Paint
    Red calipers
    Premium leather
    Ebano wood trim (truly stunning)
    Premium sound system
    Rear sun blind
    Rear heated seats
    Aluminium shift paddles
    Sport pedals

    That’s about it I think. I’m certainly glad I wasn’t paying the original bill!

    I’m about 6 weeks into ownership and it’s just wonderful. Every journey is an event, every cold start wakes the dead. Everything I hoped for and more. The way it goes, steers and stops is a joy, (the four door Ferrari tag is certainly earned, but a way cooler brand IMO). It has a few italianisms but I expected that and nothing major, eg it steams up in an instant when you switch off, something to do with the fancy glass I’d guess. I keep expecting buttons not to work or things to fall off in my hand but so far it feels just as well built as my previous 15 plate Mercedes CLS. I’ve read a few moans about the MTC and I don’t but a get it at all, I find it brilliant. The Garmin nav system is wonderful, same as my latest motorbike system.
    Happy camper.

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