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Thread: Granturismo Water in the boot

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    So after the car has been parked on the driveway over the Christmas time i have discovered some slight leaking in the boot.Any idea where is coming from?20180102_141201.jpg20180102_141217.jpg20180102_141221.jpg
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    Hi there,
    I have a similar issue in my QP with water ingress at the well of the boot below the boot lining
    Im yet to resolve but have ruled out boot seal and rear windscreen seal.

    Ill know by Friday and will share once I know

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    I'm told that water can creep through where the rear lights seal to the car. I refused to buy a GT as the handbooks had been very wet then dried out plus the battery cover in the boot was missing.

    Water ingress is a problem on both models.

    PS - I had an SL500 that leaked all the time. Mercedes sprinkled talc in the boot and sprayed the car from a hose to see where the water was coming from. I know it is a basic idea, but it worked.

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    My ingress was in the bottom well. GT.
    The seal between the bottom pan and well perished, and ingress was from below from wet roads.
    Dealer sealed it and fine since.

    Sounds like yours was parked up, implies from above, but may have been latent from previous wet drives

    (Maserati Granturismo)

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    I have washed the car and watched for any water coming in but nothing! It only happens when it rains...

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    Tape some tissue paper round the area you think it may be coming in from. It will leave marks or damp patches on the tissue and at least give you an indication of where its coming in. Jet wash or hose pipe to supply the rain effect.

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    Will do so! Thanks for the advice
    I'm sure it must be a seal or something that is not in place

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    Stick an iPad and torch in boot, set to record, douse car, review video, move and try all areas....

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    It's not a big leak just so slightly so not sure will capture on camera but i might give it a try.Couldn't find anything over the internet so can't be a common fault like i've had on the SL55

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