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Thread: Just looking honest - opinions?

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    nice car, looks well cared for, whats not to like. nice colour too, the green is subtle i like it.
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    Lovely looking car Mick, but Ewan made a very valid point, can't find any cars on Shiltechs site though

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    It's on Pistonheads. Silver with black, 2005 facelift model, 45k miles, £19.9k. Looks a good buy to me, with a PDI, service and warranty from a respected specialist. If it was May it would fly out, but in December it might be snapped up for even less.

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    It's old and its going to give problems cash wise, but if your ok with that and you like the car go for it!


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    Mick, that looks lovely.....EwNs one sounds even better being a face lift......These are are the up price wise,as well.....Most face lift Spyders seem to be over 20k these days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ewan View Post
    For only £2k more you could buy the 05 (facelift version with numerous updates and more rigid chassis) manual Spyder that's for sale at Shiltech. It's done 20k less miles as well, and you'd be buying from a respected Maserati specialist. It would be the Best Buy of the manual cars currently available.
    If it's the silver one on PH from Shiltech it is a 2002 model and they have swapped the front nose for a face-lift, you can tell also by the rear end, it doesn't have the face-lift bumper. It may of had a front end shunt and they decided to update it at the time of the repair or maybe they just wanted to update it...............Still; looks very nice though.
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    In that case I stand corrected. I'd not realised it was an older car just with a new nose cone. If I were looking for a Spyder it would have to be an original updated facelift version, built in 2005 or later. I've had two of the earlier ones (2002/3) and personally wouldn't go back to that version as the lack of chassis rigidity was an issue for me on those.

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    Sounds like my old Spyder, early model but with the facelift front bumper which I think is a good combination.

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    That silver one is a few different shades - front wing, drivers door, I couldn't live with that.
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