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Thread: Full Throttle reset not working...any idea's?

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    I'm sure I've seen that article, when I too looked into the Volvo TB. They have just the same issues as us. I'm sure link will be ok, after all more knowledge the better. Mine has a contactless TB, (from Maserati Shed,) and Davys Pedal Pot mod. Have given no issues since. No doubt they will at some point as they are still moving parts, just less components to fail, but a lot less temperamental.
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    Ok, here is the link.
    The only part that needs adjusting (even with the Volvo) is the magnet. The article is very clear about that. But I bet 95% of all contactless Volvo's do not have it adjusted right, as the set is sold as plug and play on Ebay...

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    Robbe tried measuring the rpm the engine developed at different pedal sensor voltages and I wondered what my car would do just idling, so i measured it. I thought this might help anyone else trying to make sense of a throttle problem

    I got this

    RPM 1100 1600 2500 3500 4200

    VOLTS .450 .565 0.680 .720 0.780
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    Just send your TB to one of your U.K. Specialists for examination.
    Fiddling around with a TB, can ruin the electronic module inside the TB easily.
    And the Maserati TB differs more from the Volvo units then you may expect, there's also more to it, then just mounting the magnet in its correct position.
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    Maybe the problem is with the TB and not the PP, I do not know.
    The PP (one of Dave's) is giving decent voltage values, so I assume the PP is not the problem.
    Only thing is that with the old PP it was less nervous than it is now. But maybe that one only had a range of 0.4 - 1.5V or so...
    When the weather is a little better, I will switch the PP back to measure.
    Boomerang, are you still in business with the TB's? I rather keep it in Holland than send it abroad when it turns out to be necessary to have it checked...

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