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Thread: ALTON Italian Car Breakfast Meet

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    Matt, you can put me and the missus down as a possible - the 4C needs a spin, not driven it for weeks.
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    Great, look forward to seeing you all there.

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    1. JonW

    2. FIFTY

    3. Conearo

    4. Sparts

    5. Redsonnylee

    6. Hurricane52

    7. Sommi

    I am in. After a loooong time. And that's because kids don't have classes on that Saturday due to Easter break.

    I am near Guildford. I do not know the nice way to Alton. So would very much like to the join procession to hoon all the way to Alton and wake up every man, dog, p*ssy cat, woman, gender neutrals, et al with some melodious Maserati music.

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    Excellent - I’m looking forward to this.

    I’ve been looking at ways to get there, and for those heading down to Alton from Surrey (so Kingston, Epsom, Guildford), an interesting option might be to stick on the A3 for a bit longer, go through the Hindhead tunnel (which would be awesome in a convoy of Maserati’s) and then cut across country to Alton...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maser Sod View Post
    Matt, you can put me and the missus down as a possible - the 4C needs a spin, not driven it for weeks.
    Blimey, it’s Pat, where you been hiding?

    No worries a catch up it is at this event.

    Jon, tunnel run sounds like a blast I’ll sort something nearer the time.

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