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Thread: Many USA owners on SM

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    Maseratis in US seem to be rare. The exception may be in California where they are among the Ferraris, Lotus, etc and money is not an issue. I am in South Carolina where I recently bought my 6 speed manual 2004 4200 GT from a Maserati dealer and I may have the only Spyder GT roadster in the state. British marques and BMW are just more prevalent around here; large clubs with events and rabid owners. We own something from all of these car groups, but I wish there was a local Maserati club.

    Current stable: 2004 Maserati Spyder roadster (manual), 2006 BMW Z4M roadster (only comes in 6 speed manual, BMW Z4 3.0i roadster (auto with sport mode and premium package) and last, but not least, my wiffe’s 2006 Aston Martin DB9 Volante.

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    Belgrade & Scarborough, Maine USA
    Currently in the State of Maine USA where I am from (one million residents) I only know of 2 registered my 2016 GT and a 2016 Ghibli who is someone I coincidentally went to school with (we met at a car show not knowing the other owned a Maserati)

    2016 GT Sport - Rosso Mondiale

    Either in Belgrade or Scarborough Maine, USA

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    Nice stable. I had a z4m coupe for a long time as well as an M3 CSL and I much preferred the z4. You can do a lot to them to make them really handle and stop very well.
    MC Stradale

    MC Stradale

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