Wanted: 2013 granturismo/grancabrio bumper parts


Junior Member
Have acquired a 2013 front bumper (084814300) with a view to update for aesthetics reasons alone.

Wife signed the unexpected parcel today, at least it didn't turn up tomorrow, on Valentines day.:hammer:

Before committing to Europarts and in the un-likely event that fellow SM members have parts lying around in their garage they'd like to make room and sell? Thought I'd quickly enquire.

Really after side grills/holders/lower splitter, other front parts considered, see numbers below.

If you can help in the coming week then please get in touch.

RH Grill 84814400
LH Grill 84814500
LH seal 84814700
RH seal 84814600
Front spoiler 84720400
License plate 84720600
Park sensor Support kit park 980145443
Front park gasket 223516
Park plate ( 8 off) 14183374
Washers covers ( 2 off) 80056810 & 80056710

Many thanks.