Potential GranTurismo owner.

My lease XC60 goes back in October and I’ve sold my 350z roadster.

I’ve decided I’m through with leasing and having a second “fun” car. I don’t do many miles anymore and want something a bit different.

I was going to go for a m4 or Rs3 but I’ve decided to go for something a bit more special. I also don’t want to sleep with a baseball bat and that seems to be what many Rs3 owners do.

I’ve narrowed it down to a v8 vantage or a GranTurismo. I’ve always been a Porsche fan but 997’s have too many issues.

I decided to join this forum as I know virtually nothing about maseratis. I always (wrongly) assumed they were unreliable.

The one thing that does confuse me is pricing. They seem to be all over the place.

I need to learn about what options are essential and more about the gearboxes. Am I correct in assuming the MC is similar to the r tronic in the first R8’s?

Welcome Kev.

Yes , robotic manual similar to SMG on M cars.

My MC is for sale £32,995 have a look at the pics in the for sale section thread.

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That is a stunning example. In my preferred colour too. A bit early for me though. I’ll be looking to buy around September.

I’m just frustrated I sold my 350z rather than insure it again. My thinking was that the last 4 summers have been really wet.....Sod’s law

I’ve drove a smg m3 and I found it good despite what some say. I think I’d prefer the MC to the auto.
Have a chat to Richard at Richard Grace Cars - he'll happily run your through the models and options, and give you the heads up on current values/pricing. He may even know of a suitable car for you.

Don't worry overly about reliability. I'm on my 18th Maserati (a Gran Turismo) and I wouldn't have stuck with the brand for so long if the cars weren't nice to own, drive, etc. Of course, there are cheaper choices, but not that give the same sense of style and panache.

If you can budget above £30k, go for a 4.7 over a 4.2 - there's a very worthwhile difference. Personally I'd go for the MC-Shift (robot manual) over the full auto, especially if it is to be a weekend/fun car. As mentioned above, Phil's car is a nice one (if a tad loud....!)


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It's still 128dB so loud enough for most but the Larinis tip it over the edge mate :D

Why wait, It will be gone before Sept as I need my Strad by then,.
I’m doing a self build so everything is going into that . I’ll get a vat refund at the end which I plan to spend on a car.

I’m also using my ncb on my XC60, so it wouldn’t make sense at all at the moment.

Hopefully mortgage free and in a GranTurismo by October/November, if everything goes to plan.