Gallardo rear light

There is a bright orange Gallardo I see when I am on my cycle round and yesterday the guy was out doing some maintenance.
We chatted, he was friendly and it turns out we share some common friends.
He was changing the rear LHS light bulb and was a little frustrated. He had all the necessary tools but just could not get it done. He said that it may be required to jack the car up to get access, but persisted and lo and behold all went well.
We both agreed on the palaver for a routine task and said that there must have been an easier way without spoiling the design of the car. Anyway he started it up just for me and what a superb noise I will treasure.
Lambourghini chaps like Maserati ones are quite decent blokes really

Felonious Crud

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Still amuses me that to change the front bulbs on the GTS you need to remove a front wheel first. Reassuring that Lambos are similarly frustrating.