Flattering review of Levante S Gransport


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There are some great main dealer lease deals at the moment on the diesel Levante's. I have seen £6k upfront and £520/month plus VAT.
Will not get 7 in and a dog crate.

I am waiting for the Discovery hybrid... it's out in the RR and RR Sport so hoping it'll be here by next year
You must have a small dog. I am always disappointed with the space in my D4 behind the third row seats when I use them. I have been thinking of changing my car but can't get over the look of the D5.
There's an aftermarket rear boot panel now that centers the number plate. Makes the Discovery look as it should in my opinion!
Saw that and agree but the more I see them the more fault I find - headlamps too small, glassline starts too high, miss the three middle seats, boot shape not as useful, miss the split boot lid etc etc.
I've been driving a gransport s with delivery mileage as a courtesy car.

It's deisel.

The review in the OP indicates that the engine is built by Ferrari.

Is it really? Feels like a a Chrysler to me.

The rest screams Chrysler.

Is it a Chrysler diesel merely assembled by Ferrari or has Ferrari designed a diesel engine which sounds off the wall?