detailing day 2018


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Lovely day! Despite the weather. Good to meet you all and many many thanks to EnzoMC for organising and hosting.


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Have to agree, fantastic day and I learnt a lot of things that I thought I already knew (like how to wash a car) and got to to play with both Rotary and DA polishers. No way brave enough to go near the GT but am tempted to buy some kit and get going on the wife and kids motors. A morning spent with like minded folk is a great way to start the week end.
Oh and I can’t clean the GTS tomorrow as I only have one bucket !!
Thanks Darren.
very welcome and glad it was helpful...
great to meet you all. as discussed if you need any further help / recommendation / paint report drop me a mail and will glad to help.

was great to see and hear :) the cars today
Thanks so much for today Darren and taking the time to give a reasonably clueless detailer some valuable & much needed pointers.

All the info & stuff learnt today will be very useful for me & will certainly be put to great use. The Alfa GT is going to be my first victim!

I know a fair bit about a fair few things but detailing isn't one of them!

Great to meet you all today & chat about your cars & your stories. Nice to meet similar like minded people for sure as I don't come across too many people remotely on the same planet as me these days.

If anyone needs a car detailing Darren clearly knows his stuff. Also I feel could organise paid for but very cost effective workshops for small groups to learn much more about detailing. I would certainly be up for future refresher sessions. I'm sure many others would also be interested. Obvously this is nothing to do with me but just saying this might be possible.

BTW if anyone is looking for a nice GS then Darren's is a really well loved & looked after example at sensible money. It is spotless as you would expect. With Jodie's signature on the engine plenum chamber it is certainly a cracking car.