Considering FF


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It's a 2012. Description has the correct detail.
So price wise I reckon it's up there with dealer offerings.

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Almost bare of options. Most buyers will be looking for a bit more in the interior. Nice exterior colour and age/ mileage though.
Why don’t they put prices on the website?
Their cars are always at the top end but agree it is frustrating.
Have you seen the Ferrari options price list! I doubt any change from £300k for this spec; including chromed front grille, cruise control, suspension lifter, sports exhaust, Ferrari Scuderia Shields, Electrochromic mirrors, yellow brake callipers, front and rear parking sensors with rear camera, white rev counter, 20” forged rims, ventilated full electric seats, leather headliner, leather parcel shelf, high power Hifi system and tyre pressure monitoring.