3.2 Q4 brera spider thoughts wanted


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Thinking of buying a Q4 Brera spider with the 3.2 engine, LHD, likely a 2008 facelift model, for use in Europe.

I have a Maserati 4200 GT spyder (manual transmisson) here in Canada that I like a lot, and would buy another, but they're very difficult to find with a manual transmission in Europe for a reasonable price.

Alfa has less horsepower, similar interior space, looks great, and far less than the 4200 to pay for a good one it seems. There is also more availability to choose from

Warnings? Reliability? Fun factor? Future depreciation?

Thoughts and comments on the Alfa are appreciated! Thanks, Oliver


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I have a 3.2 Q4 Brera, which I like. No sports car, but capable and a nice place to sit. Coming from a Maserati I think you would be disappointed, coming from something like a Euro hatch etc. you would like it, if that makes sense.


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Have only test driven one (for allandwf) and have to say, I like them. Nice handling, a bit sluggish compared to the twin turbo 32, but it is not meant to be a maser alternative. IMO, a good choice for a low mileage daily. I would buy one if I wasn't doing 18k plus a year Monday to Friday.


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Maserati Spyder, massive horsepower and pull, Alfa Brera, pretty, well screwed together but slow and heavy.
Agree with the above....heavy which can be felt in the corners.....This car was always a missed opportunity for Alfa as it's such a good looking car...a Better screwed together.....Ummm.....yes against other Alfas but not against other makes. Most say the engine to have is the 2.4 JTD because of its torque......Mine goes pretty well to be honest as it a lovely place to be sat in. It's a decent every day car rather than a fun weekend car but sounds like that what you want......Also the 3.2 will not be that much better fuel wise than your Maserati.


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Apart from the weight issue the Brera has that awful 3.2 GM unit, it has been poor in every car it has sat in, Vauxhall, SAAB, Alfa it has little low down grunt and little high end power. The 2.4 is a better engine all round, it likes top end power but has loads of grunt, it hardly ever loses out to the 3.2. The 3.2 does have 4WD though, a mate of mine has a 2.4 JTD 159 Q4, it is an awesome piece of kit and shuffles around seriously quickly but don't think they ever made a 2.4 4wd Brera (pity)
No they didn't Andy.......wouldn't the 4wd made it even heavier.....or would there not be much in it?


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I had a Brera coupe 3.2 for a while. With a slight engine tune and a freer flowing exhaust it went really well. I'm not saying the engine compares to a Busso or that it wasn't a heavy car, but with a few tweaks performance was very decent and it became a great car for not a lot of money. Tweaked, it also made a great noise.

So, I would certainly consider a Spider 3.2 and do the same tweaks. I think they're a very pretty car and a good alternative to a 4200/GS Spyder at half the price!

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I found mine to get better every time i took it out, never found it heavy in corners i think the 4WD helped there.
The only thing wrong was the engine needed a heavy right foot all the time, a turbo or supercharger would have changed everything.
Very pretty car had may admirers some non Alfa fans!


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I just traded my daily driver 2.4 Brera in against a quadrifoglio! Brera was great but no backseat and tiny boot wasn't practical with two kids.
There very impressive indeed, What's that Vauxhall sign in the pic, you defiantly don't want to get involved with that sh*te